Love From The North Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I had a love in soft south landA
Beloved through April far in MayB
He waited on my lightest breathC
And never dared to say me nayB
He saddened if my cheer was sadD
But gay he grew if I was gayB
We never differed on a hairE
My yes his yes my nay his nayB
The wedding hour was come the aislesF
Were flushed with sun and flowers that dayB
I pacing balanced in my thoughtsG
It's quite too late to think of nayB
My bridegroom answered in his turnH
Myself had almost answered yeaB
When through the flashing nave I heardI
A struggle and resounding nayB
Bridemaids and bridegroom shrank in fearJ
But I stood high who stood at bayB
And if I answer yea fair SirK
What man art thou to bar with nayB
He was a strong man from the northL
Light locked with eyes of dangerous grayB
Put yea by for another timeM
In which I will not say thee nayB
He took me in his strong white armsN
He bore me on his horse awayB
O'er crag morass and hair breadth passO
But never asked me yea or nayB
He made me fast with book and bellP
With links of love he makes me stayB
Till now I've neither heart nor powerK
Nor will nor wish to say him nayB

Christina Rossetti


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