Last Night Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Where were you last night I watched at the gateA
I went down early I stayed down lateA
Were you snug at home I should like to knowB
Or were you in the coppice wheedling KateA
She's a fine girl with a fine clear skinC
Easy to woo perhaps not hard to winC
Speak up like a man and tell me the truthD
I'm not one to grow downhearted and thinC
If you love her best speak up like a manE
It's not I will stand in the light of your planE
Some girls might cry and scold you a bitF
And say they couldn't bear it but I canE
Love was pleasant enough and the days went fastG
Pleasant while it lasted but it needn't lastG
Awhile on the wax and awhile on the waneH
Now dropped away into the pastG
Was it pleasant to you to me it wasI
Now clean gone as an image from glassJ
As a goodly rainbow that fades awayK
As dew that steams upwards from the grassJ
As the first spring day or the last summer dayK
As the sunset flush that leaves heaven greyK
As a flame burnt out for lack of oilL
Which no pains relight or ever mayK
Good luck to Kate and good luck to youM
I guess she'll be kind when you come to wooM
I wish her a pretty face that will lastG
I wish her a husband steady and trueM
Hate you not I my very good friendN
All things begin and all have an endN
But let broken be broken I put no faithO
In quacks who set up to patch and mendN
Just my love and one word to KateA
Not to let time slip if she means to mateA
For even such a thing has been knownP
As to miss the chance while we weigh and waitA

Christina Rossetti


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