Eve Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


While I sit at the doorA
Sick to gaze withinB
Mine eye weepeth soreA
For sorrow and sinB
As a tree my sin standsC
To darken all landsC
Death is the fruit it boreA
How have Eden bowers grownD
Without Adam to bend themE
How have Eden flowers blownD
Squandering their sweet breathF
Without me to tend themE
The Tree of Life was oursG
Tree twelvefold fruitedH
Most lofty tree that flowersG
Most deeply rootedH
I chose the tree of deathF
Hadst thou but said me nayI
Adam my brotherJ
I might have pined awayI
I but none otherJ
God might have let thee stayI
Safe in our gardenK
By putting me awayI
Beyond all pardonK
I Eve sad motherJ
Of all who must liveL
I not anotherJ
Plucked bitterest fruit to giveM
My friend husband loverJ
O wanton eyes run overJ
Who but I should grieveN
Cain hath slain his brotherJ
Of all who must die motherJ
Miserable EveN
Thus she sat weepingO
Thus Eve our motherJ
Where one lay sleepingO
Slain by his brotherJ
Greatest and leastH
Each piteous beastH
To hear her voiceP
Forgot his joysQ
And set aside his feastH
The mouse paused in his walkR
And dropped his wheaten stalkR
Grave cattle wagged their headsS
In ruminationK
The eagle gave a cryT
From his cloud stationK
Larks on thyme bedsS
Forbore to mount or singO
Bees drooped upon the wingO
The raven perched on highT
Forgot his rationK
The conies in their rockU
A feeble nationK
Quaked sympatheticalV
The mocking bird left off to mockU
Huge camels knelt as ifW
In deprecationK
The kind hart's tears were fallingO
Chattered the wistful storkX
Dove voices with a dying fallV
Cooed desolationK
Answering grief by griefY
Only the serpent in the dustH
Wriggling and crawlingO
Grinned an evil grin and thrustH
His tongue out with its forkX

Christina Rossetti


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