Womanfully I was made,
The virtuous in me that can never fade,
The unrighteous spit ill against the righteous,
Courageous women are geniuses.

Where is the woman in me?
I'm now a junk cos of my abnormal life then,
Flushed blood are shading tears of revenge,
Can I ever recreate the woman in me?

The flower I vowed to give to my life partner!
Was lost during the lustful days,
Now I'm a girl, there's no woman in me,
It's so painful, my heart is burning like fire.

I'm a woman with a heart of Gold,
Destroyed my vision in the name of fun,
Should I upbraid my progenitors?
For the failure to realize the woman I'm.

Woman with value, respect, and courage was my dream,
To cogitate and recreate the manners of our future women,
But now I'm a victim of the life event,
Learn your lesson now that you still have that woman in you.

Is A Poet From Enugu, Nigeria.