Poetry Books by Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle

Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle Books, Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle poetry book Research and Reference Guide to French Studies Authors: Charles B. Osburn
Publisher: Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press
Published Date: 1981
Categories: French language
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Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle Books, Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle poetry book From the Marne to Verdun Authors: Charles Delvert
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Published Date: 2016-10-31
Categories: History
Charles DelvertÂ’s diary records his career as a front-line officer in the French army fighting the Germans during the First World War. It is one of the classic accounts of the war in French or indeed in any other language, and it has not been translated into English before. In precise, graphic detail he sets down his wartime experiences and those of his men. He describes the relentless emotional and physical strain of active service and the extraordinary courage and endurance required in battle. His account is essential reading for anyone who is keen to gain a direct insight into the Great War from the French soldier's point of view, and it bears comparison with the best-known English and German memoirs and journals of the Great War.

Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle Books, Charles Marie Rene Leconte De Lisle poetry book The Jungle Poems of Leconte de Lisle Authors: Charles Marie Rene LeConte De Lisle
Published Date: 2016-12
Categories: Poetry
David R. Slavitt, award-winning author of more than 100 books of poetry and prose, translates the work of Charles Marie RenE Leconte de Lisle, a French poet associated with the Parnassian movement. -To look at Leconte de Lisle now, - writes Slavitt in the book's introduction, -is to discover a sensibility strikingly similar to that of Elizabeth Bishop (with Africa instead of Brazil as his mise en scEne). In some ways, he reminds me, too, of Wallace Stevens, stuck up in the fog of Hartford and longing for the glare of the tropics ('Home from Guatemala, back at the Waldorf'). He was an accomplished classicist who translated Homer's Iliad and the 'Eumenides' of Aschylus. But it is as a poet that he fascinates me, and particularly as one whose technical abilities are impressive and whose subjects were often deliberately exotic and primitif.-

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Michel Dubois: About 60 years ago, at school, I translated a poem by Leconte de Lisle. According to me at the time, the title was 'The red planet', which is called Sahil; my rendition of the first lines was:
Across the wasted continents
The drowsy waves still swell..."
And the last -
"Sahil shall bleed
Until its red can never bleed again."
Does anyone know where I might find a copy of the original version?

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