Poetry Books by Charles Churchill

Charles Churchill Books, Charles Churchill poetry book From Churchill's Secret Circle to the BBC Authors: Charles Richardson
Publisher: Potomac Books Incorporated
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Generals
Lieutenant General Sir Ian Jacob was a member of what Winston Churchill called my secret circle throughout World War II, and later became Director General of the BBC during its important period of readjustment in the post-war years. Widely recognized as one of the Army's most brilliant young officers, he had a unique opportunity, as staff co-ordinator of the military action of government, to observe the towering figure of Churchill, whom he accompanied on all his critical meetings with the Allies' national leaders. This book is based largely upon Jacob's hitherto unpublished diaries of his Churchill years and upon his personal papers and conversations with the author relating to his difficult and important role in the direction of the BBC.

Charles Churchill Books, Charles Churchill poetry book Churchill, the Struggle for Survival, 1945-1960 Authors: Lord Moran, Charles McMoran Wilson Baron Moran
Publisher: Basic Books
Published Date: 2006
Categories: History
A second installment of the acclaimed series spans a twenty-year period after World War II leading up to Churchill's death, in a volume that offers insight into his contradictory personality, legendary Iron Curtain speech, role in the Cold War era, and more. Original.

Charles Churchill Books, Charles Churchill poetry book Selected Poetry Authors: Charles Churchill
Publisher: Nottingham Trent Univ
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Poetry
This selection of poetry draws on different aspects of the poet's career to offer a comprehensive picture. It includes Churchill's most acclaimed and substantial poems, "The Prophecy of Famine," "An Epistle to William Hogarth," and "The Dedication to the Sermons."

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