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  • The Duellist. Book Iii
    Ah me! what mighty perils wait
    The man who meddles with a state,
    Whether to strengthen, or oppose!
    False are his friends, and firm his foes: ...
  • The Conference.[1]
    Grace said in form, which sceptics must agree,
    When they are told that grace was said by me;
    The servants gone to break the scurvy jest
    On the proud landlord, and his threadbare guest; ...
  • The Duellist.[1] Book I
    (In Three Books.)

  • Gotham. Book Iii
    Can the fond mother from herself depart?[22]
    Can she forget the darling of her heart,
    The little darling whom she bore and bred,
    Nursed on her knees, and at her bosom fed; ...
  • The Ghost. Book Iii
    It was the hour, when housewife Morn
    With pearl and linen hangs each thorn;
    When happy bards, who can regale
    Their Muse with country air and ale, ...
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  • Andreaherd2: angels with dirty faces charles marsh aka winston churchill
  • Hipicadigital: thursday, 05-26-2022
  • Mirsshaikh: shikwa baraye jawab e shikwa “you’ll never build the future without learning lessons from the past” - charles de montesquieu “the only lesson of the history was that mankind was unteachable” - winston churchill
  • Hipicadigital: saturday, 05-21-2022 preakness day
  • Russiainsider: let's be honest - stalin was less of a criminal than churchill, truman, and lbj
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