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  • The Duellist. Book Iii
    Ah me! what mighty perils wait
    The man who meddles with a state,
    Whether to strengthen, or oppose!
    False are his friends, and firm his foes: ...
  • The Conference.[1]
    Grace said in form, which sceptics must agree,
    When they are told that grace was said by me;
    The servants gone to break the scurvy jest
    On the proud landlord, and his threadbare guest; ...
  • The Duellist.[1] Book I
    (In Three Books.)

  • Gotham. Book Iii
    Can the fond mother from herself depart?[22]
    Can she forget the darling of her heart,
    The little darling whom she bore and bred,
    Nursed on her knees, and at her bosom fed; ...
  • The Ghost. Book Iii
    It was the hour, when housewife Morn
    With pearl and linen hangs each thorn;
    When happy bards, who can regale
    Their Muse with country air and ale, ...
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  • Simonduring: charles churchill, poems (1773). not an attractive figure, churchill: the last successful “augustan” riming couplet satirist but also john wilkes’s propagandist, homophobe, debauchee, hater. no matter: he sure could write. i hope classes in 18thc lit find room for him still.
  • Mettaworldcrazy: john lithgow (winston churchill), gillian anderson (margaret thatcher), and josh o'connor (prince charles) were also excellent on the crown.
  • Booksbirdblog: six shot glasses featuring six great literary figures: oscar wilde, lord byron, dorothy parker, winston churchill, william butler yeats and charles baudelaire!
  • Empressrandom: churchill, hitler, and lincoln will be footnotes in dusty history books a thousand years from now, and nobody remembers charles martel who saved christianity in europe by winning the battle of tours thirteen hundred years ago to set up the world as we know it today...
  • Negrosubversive: ...if one is serious about addressing colonialism using a figure who was alive in the 1930s, i offer you: winston churchill, charles de gaul, benito mussolini, francisco franco, antonio salazar, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc...
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