Snowy tears of joy swirls ____
Teeth buried deep in the flesh of joy ;
Beauty has different designs !
Multiple in formosa form; it whirls .
Beauty muses.. twirl ___
like flowers of different accolade species
It seeks to swish and swirl,
So never die for beauty ,
For beauty stems in the eyes of the beholder !

You may have ;
Chocolate brown skin__sweet!
Caramel feels __fantastic!
Dark ,blonde or light skin __lit !
You still perfectly and purely precious ;
Just don't picture your beauty from a pixel dear !

You may have ;
Icecream lips feel over- gorgeous __ not odd !
Red, plum lips...
mulberry juice in feel __ not plushy !
It might be ...
Strawberry lips in pigmentation__ poignant
Black lips with blackberry feel - extremely bold
like the work of an artisan hand ....
It doesn't matter ;
You still a bouquet of bashful brilliant beauty !

Barbie ! know that your mouth drips honey ;
Your eyes resembles sunshine ,
So don't desire much ____ in excess to ask.
Light but the lamp of great reputation
Italicise the charm of life !

Higgedly - piggedly ; merry go round -- is not your transcript ;
Do not move through the dooms of beauty .
"Oh ", Barbie , Beautiful Belle !
Have inward appeal for eternal truth
Beauty you may or may not have ,
Charm still describes you ,
You make many blush with your tactful truth
But still don't sell yourself for beauty ,
For beauty fadeth with age !

October 2019