Boes Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I waited today for a freight train to passA
Cattle cars with steers butting their horns against theB
bars went byC
And a half a dozen hoboes stood on bumpers betweenD
Well the cattle are respectable I thoughtF
Every steer has its transportation paid for by the farmerG
sending it to marketH
While the hoboes are law breakers in riding a railroadI
train without a ticketH
It reminded me of ten days I spent in the AlleghenyJ
County jail in PittsburghK
I got ten days even though I was a veteran of theB
Spanish American warL
Cooped in the same cell with me was an old man aB
bricklayer and a booze fighterG
But it just happened he too was a veteran soldier andM
he had fought to preserve the Union and free theB
We were three in all the other being a Lithuanian whoO
got drunk on pay day at the steel works and got toO
fighting a policemanP
All the clothes he had was a shirt pants and shoesQ
somebody got his hat and coat and what money heJ
had left over when he got drunkR

Carl Sandburg


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