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  • On Privilege
    The rampant cane fields rife with disease,
    the ocean carrying only shells to the altar,
    a beach left to penitents, their easy sweat
    cursing the sand that brought an increase...
  • Night Air
    “If God is Art, then what do we make
    of Jasper Johns?” One never knows
    what sort of question a patient will pose,
  • Broughtonia
    in memory of F.C. (1965-1991),
    who died of AIDS complications

    But there under the dark eaves...
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Young 2 Night 2 Foolish 2 I Love You 2 Love 2 Imagine 1 Entire 1 Snow 1 Pain 1 Never 1

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Stellakanuwords: absolutely shocked by the death of paul o’grady. first saw the scathing lily savage at the mother black cap in camden in 92 ( + the brilliant regina fong). so like the white w/c women i grew up around- hardcore! too young to die. but party w/ bffs cilla black +dale w will be epic
C_robbins_: rare personal appearance from brad holmes here but makes a ton of sense. will anderson and bryce young the top names, however, tons of other guys as well. from gibbs to dale to to’o to’o to ricks to battle among others, there’s a lot of players here to check out.
Sgvep: dale salwak, teacher at citrus college, produced "china week" at the legendary magic castle in hollywood, showcasing several young chinese magicians in celebration of the lunar new year.
My4littlepigs01: margaret dale hawke pleads guilty to murdering three kids in port hedland house fire
Smply_sktchng: books of poems often credit if/where any of the poems were published prior. it's a way to cross-promote (the poetry industry is pretty small compared to the general publishing industry) and honor first publishing rights. example from torn by c. dale young
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Was't I could dive, and sound each passion's secret depth at will?
And from those huge o'erwhelmings rise, by help of reason still?

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