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stealingjobs: jeremy strong’s dedication to his craft reminds me of bryan cranston’s breaking bad performance

Neemskie36: Listen, Bryan Cranston is a sweet, sweet man.

nafafonafafofo: If you’re looking for something to watch, check out “your honor” on showtime. I’m obsessed! The writing is incredible and Bryan Cranston is amazing!

feedthebeanie: january wholesomeness: the friendship between bryan cranston and aaron paul makes me so happy. also, ted lasso is what hot chocolate would be if the drink was a show. loving it!!

mathers_mitch: If you have a showtime subscription watch “your honor”. It stars Bryan Cranston from breaking bad. Shits crazy

RuneeMD: Damnnnn Bryan Cranston is Commissioner Gordon in Batman: Year One

eveserpent: They should have just called Breaking Bad “Bryan Cranston in his underwear.”

technobabble20: Did Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul already visit the BevMo in Pasadena? If I missed them I’ll scream

1WitchyChick: I'd forgotten how handsome Bryan Cranston was

BuzzFeedUK: Yes, Bryan Cranston will be discussed here.

IndieGamerChick: (the funny thing is Angela's visual device for HER Brainiac in her Superman script is Bryan Cranston, based on his performance in Trumbo)

HalcyonTraveler: Also they wasted Bryan Cranston obviously

AnotherKaiju: A good movie that really dropped the ball after killing off Bryan Cranston's character. This is odd because Godzilla (2014)'s marketing implies that the character is going to be the main character.

SideEyeChamp: Riz Ahmad, Delroy Lindo, Naomie Harris, Lupita Nyongo, Bryan Cranston. That's just off the dome.

DominiqueFArse1: Just realized that Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, and Bob Odenkirk - from Breaking Bad - all make appearances on Seinfeld

keedander: Bryan Cranston has the personality of Kermit but in a good way

NahidAlaei: Bryan Cranston's Two Favorite Episodes Of Breaking Bad

xwagkingkong: And no, it’s not Bryan Cranston’s performance for me, it’s Anna Gunn’s without a word.

gentl333spirit: Walt’s reaction to Skylar is horrifying. This is the laugh of a man who’s just lost everything, who’s family is in danger, and who’s in my trouble than anyone can imagine. I get chills every time I watch this clip, it felt so real and raw. Bryan Cranston is a brilliant actor.

aflashbak: 14-year-old Bryan Cranston with his dog

vishesh_OO7: Bryan Cranston DA GOAT! Breaking Bad was just too good bruh.

jpeck83: Bryan Cranston was great in Breaking Bad He was better in Malcolm in the Middle

_marwan_nuhu: Also Heath ledger as joker and Bryan Cranston as Walter white, chefs kiss.

JLRHollis: When I become an official film director, I will find every possible excuse to cast Bryan Cranston in anything I make.

treyshelor: I want what Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have whatever tf that is

hdralt_: Bryan Cranston was so good in Breaking Bad

recastbot: JUSTICE LEAGUE RECAST: Bryan Cranston as Superman, Matt Damon as Batman, Terry Crews as The Flash, Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman, Christopher Walken as Aquaman and Daniel Day-Lewis as Cyborg

Biyyot: Bryan Cranston too GOATed for this role.

kuroyaxha: oh it’s easily what Bryan Cranston did as Walt in the last minutes of Crawl Space. nothing is ever touching that

PLAYININTHEBAND: If somebody makes me speed they're still gonna freaking put it on the street and make me you know go through you know who knows what they're gonna make me do to get it but if somebody like bryan Cranston makes me some blue some shit that I usually smoke yesterday I'll gladly pa

jaebeomknowIes: Bryan Cranston in Crawl Space

Drethaoneda: Gary Oldman & Bryan Cranston

Imightnotstay: Breaking Bad's outstanding character arcs could only be brought about because of Bryan Cranston's and Aaron Paul's equally outstanding acting. Literally any scene Jesse Pinkman grieves in is top tier acting.

everyoneisabot1: "Not every difficult and dangerous thing is suitable for training, but only that which is conducive to success in achieving the object of our effort." - Bryan Cranston, Dead Poets Society (1989)

boozehagg: i know you're not getting on bryan cranston's internet to say the office and GOT have been the only memorable shows to have pop culture impact

ujjwalmohindra: It's crazy to me that in the Curb universe Bryan Cranston is not playing Bryan Cranston

whattheshot: Bryan Cranston played in a lot of movies, like this one. Can you find the title? 5 min to answer!

SwiftyBoyo: is this bryan cranston LMAO

JAPANsociology: Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston “discovered” mezcal … along the way they also “discovered” the country of Mexico, where they speak a previously unknown language that Paul and Cranston call “Spanish.”

33jdonnelly: bryan cranston best actor in the world

MadelinePurvis: I love Bryan Cranston so much I'm certain he's ENTP - so different than Walter White who's ISTJ, I can watch him in interviews all day long

ihatepuff: I have been rewatching Breaking Bad with my partner who has never seen it and we watched The Fly last night and that episode is a masterclass in character study and acting. Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul give performances of their lifetimes in that episode

slioganach: my irl best friend's roommate decided to convert to judaism recently and it's been unfolding exactly like the episode of seinfeld where bryan cranston converts for the sake of telling jew jokes and weaponizing the past few millennia of jewish oppression for his own benefit

Just3vin: Scott Eastwood and Bryan Cranston as Nathan Drake and Sully, respectively. Would’ve made so much more sense.

sosorrydad: Could only stand Jason Bateman doing his best at a Bryan Cranston impression for a single episode of Ozark that took 24 hours to watch

EmiliaClarkeGEN: Some fav TV actings continued Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Santo_: Le preguntaron si era Bryan Cranston y les contestó: "Yes, no, maybe, i don't know, can you repeat the question..."

joaodmj: After glancing at the couch in front of me, I immediately went back to my computer. Not for long; I just realized I knew the person sitting on the other side of the lobby… It was Bryan Cranston.

HaliPhacks: Mechanic: I've fixed your car. So from now on (trying to contain laughter) you'll be braking good. Bryan Cranston: I'm about to go full Heisenberg on you.

ThatRyanParrott: One of the best writers I've ever had the privilege of sitting in the same room with has a NEW PLAY opening next month, starring Bryan Cranston! I've got my tickets! Check it out! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

recastbot: Bryan Cranston as the new Joker

MaiconCarioca54: Bryan Cranston is a supremely talented actor.

itsbrianbuckley: Bryan Cranston* deserves more love. He’s a generation defining actor. That’s all.

NidoRBW: Bryan Cranston should be the MCU Norman Osbron and should have waves

Roughguide1960: Watched Trumbo, one of those films which reminds you how quickly democracy can be trodden into the carpet when fanaticism and obsession take hold. Bryan Cranston was magnificent as always and the pre-closing credit sequence one of those slow shake of the head moments.

JonnyNumb: If nothing else, DEAD SPACE is worth checking out to see how talented Bryan Cranston was long before he was allowed to deliver consistently excellent dialog.

juliebigjulie: Its so funny to me that bryan cranston is just like a really chill uncle irl

SouthPasadenan: “Power of Sail” featuring Bryan Cranston opens February 17 at Geffen Playhouse

KavaScott: Bryan Cranston's Two Favorite Episodes Of Breaking Bad

CCWNNews: “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston is coming to Westwood, leading the cast of a play being staged at Geffen Playhouse. More at

angelcaido666x: Bryan Cranston

NatePebbs: Who are these guys? Wrong answers only. I'll start: Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart from the movie Upside.

iagozabibha: Celebrity Memoirs: Bryan Cranston and Suzi Quatro

JoeCWard: I want Bryan Cranston to teach me how to rollerblade

TheBrilliantHen: Star studded too. Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Terrence Howard, Janelle Monae, Benedict Wong, the Norma Bates gal, probably people I’d know if I were more in touch. At least 2 episodes were long lasting dread inducing. Really horrifying

cinemaniacos: Bryan Cranston ❤

channel_krt: Your show may be good, but it's not "Bryan Cranston squares up with the guy from "Ghost" while they shout cheese puns at each other" good.

markwahlbird: 2018 NOMINEES: • Josh Brolin, Avengers: Infinity War • Bryan Cranston, Isle of Dogs • Holly Hunter, Incredibles 2 • Shameik Moore, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse • Sarah Silverman, Ralph Breaks the Internet WINNER: Holly Hunter

GracieAVicente: I love Bryan Cranston

sumarumi: Interim dream report: I’m undercover in a dangerous situation. Bryan Cranston is 101 years old and voiced Brian the Dog in Family Guy.

deathbombarc: Music and sound design for this new theater piece starring Bryan Cranston being done by Jonathan Snipes

Uxas_Darkseid: Glad Bryan Cranston got to play walter white.

sgill7512: Quite enjoyed Your Honor but it's clear that Bryan Cranston is doomed to continually play some version of Walter White for the rest of his career.

sethnumrichfans: Full Cast Announced for Bryan Cranston and Amy Brenneman-led Power of Sail | TheaterMania

_itsonlyjoey: why am i seeing so many ads with bryan cranston and aaron paul didnt breaking band end like eight years ago

NexusSomnia: Why did simply shouting "JESSE" in a gruff Bryan Cranston voice become so inherently funny

BasedMudMonster: Bryan Cranston is in Saving Private Ryan. Huh.

Rob_In_WI: The quieter, emotional tugs still seem to work on me too. Pre-Malcolm in the Middle Bryan Cranston!

playoffquintin: fun fact: bryan cranston knows how to cook methamphetamine

boogieknightss: I want uhhhhhhhhh Bryan Cranston as MCU curt conners

adrasakka: Watching Your Honor on Showtime... mf this is Drishyam with Bryan Cranston


getosuguru: Not Bryan Cranston in this Seinfeld episode

notyournword: For me, it's Bryan Cranston in Godzilla. I didn't hate the movie (in fact I was entertained for the most part) but his emotive performance really stood out in comparison to the other actors and the film itself.

porfenablah: typing "Halorant: valorant but all the voice lines are Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the middle" into my notes app and then falling asleep satisfied

sisiese: I watched "Your Honor" this weekend and let me tell you Bryan Cranston "Mr White" is still a top quality actor. You guys should watch.

whobannedyousef: bob odenkirk can play walter white but bryan cranston can never play saul goodman

robinathefirst: Legit thought that was Bryan Cranston

methnpizza: Gonna pray that it’s either Bryan Cranston or Matthew Lillard

giveherArpege: Bryan Cranston's Super Sweet 60

whirlingin: is it true that Krysten Ritter’s character in Breaking Bad dies because Bryan Cranston watched her choke on her own vomit

amoviepitchbot: Hugh Jackman and Bryan Cranston desperately try to save Julianne Moore and achieve world peace in this Claire Denis film

NahidAlaei: Bryan Cranston's Two Favorite Episodes Of Breaking Bad

amoviepitchbot: In this Abel Ferrara film, Jeff Goldblum must beat Bryan Cranston in a spelling competition in Las Vegas

GeffenPlayhouse: The campus is a tinderbox and this Harvard professor is holding the match. Tickets for Power of Sail starring Emmy and Tony Award winner Bryan Cranston are on sale now, starting at $30.

SwartGaming2: Would be pretty cool for him to be mcu Norman, but bryan cranston still top pick

DanBranns: Feeling posting some really chaotic shit today. Something like "Jane Kaczmarek deserves the career Bryan Cranston has, but y'all not ready to talk about that yet"

HarrisonSmith85: So she got the Bryan Cranston “Godzilla” trailer treatment.

BroadwayWorldLA: Bryan Cranston Will Lead POWER OF SAIL Geffen Playhouse

Gentryland: See Who Will Join Bryan Cranston in Power of Sail at the Geffen

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