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pratos_: This was a quiz question somewhere, Bryan Cranston lent his voice for Ram (English version)

SouthrnGothHick: She deserves a Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad moment. Let her try at playing Lady Macbeth

Akumabat: I still remember that time around when BvS came out when people wanted Bryan Cranston to play Lex Luthor

JDavenport98: The only way I’m reacting this way to a face reveal is if it’s Goddamn Bryan Cranston with a shaved head telling me it’s time to cook

mkevzyt: bryan cranston wario

VenomClaus: i always thought that the walter white voice people put on was because the cancer damaged his vocal cords in the show or something, but in reality it's just that nobody can hold a candle to bryan cranston's godly voice

Bigheadalienboy: No Bryan Cranston

bandaidgirl_nya: Bryan Cranston is such a good actor wtf

Juani_Rdl: My tribute poster for Breaking Bad, just finished the series (I know, too late to the party lol) and that ending haunted me, I hated Walter so much, but boy oh boy! Bryan Cranston is the best and his character is just so well written.

TMahrattas: Hollywood Star Bryan Cranston who starred in the acclaimed Breaking Bad series had dubbed Bhagwan Shri Rama in the epic Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama, just found out today.

itsSaulGoodman: This is the moment Bryan Cranston became Walter White.

UltimaShadowX: Chris Redfield casually bringing up Breaking Bad means Bryan Cranston exists in the Resident Evil universe.

scottspuppet: Bryan Cranston as Gavin (Ice Age)

framefound: Megan Mullally, Bryan Cranston, James Franco, Zoey Deutch, and Griffin Gluck in Why Him? (2016)

Mattk1997: Everyone to Bryan Cranston in Trumbo (2015)

Ranassandra: te amo bryan cranston

kuruichiII: bryan cranston is such a great actor

WhiteBearLPW: Yeah, I'm gonna find a voice actor who matches the voice of Bryan Cranston's Walter White to meme this. It's gonna be non-paid tho. :T

starkquiet: not people saying andrew lincoln acts better than bryan cranston, tiktok users are insane

Philipe_peters: Um universo paralelo onde o Bryan Cranston estrelou House M.D e o High Laurie Breaking bad.

OttoFernandez: Bryan Cranston's head shape in El Camino pissing me off

M_FB1: This film exists and people still thought Bryan Cranston would make a better Lex because he played a bald character before

DannyHikari: Gianni Paolo saying on the podcast how Bryan Cranston told him in a bathroom everything was going to be okay is probably my favorite story from this week.

MintChipMusic: They want bob odenkirk to be Bryan Cranston so badly

vamprvi: bryan cranston is so hot in this

rene1e: Petition for a movie where Bryan Cranston and Richard Jenkins play brothers

Akelaa: forkin' Bryan CRANSTON is in this

paulhansonclark: there's an episode of malcolm in the middle where bryan cranston's character paints a masterpiece...

iyzekia: i wonder what bryan cranston and aaron paul would think of our stupid shitpost breaking bad memes and what their reaction would be to it

TheFirstOkiro: Special mention to Walter White’s death. Bryan Cranston may not have played Walter White for over a decade but carrying one of the greatest pieces of television was no small feat. Damn what a satisfying ending

slashfilm: It's a labor advocate's dream come true: Bryan Cranston only worked two hours a day for two days on Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs.

solomonsucceeds: I am not a Bryan Cranston fan, but if you are, you can see him play a witch lawyer in Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 Episode 24: Troll Bride.

garfieldtitties: bryan cranston in denim shorts washing a car with his titties ??? malcolm in the middle is a gift that keeps on giving

MrDude_7: Still can’t believe Hopper in A Bug’s Life isn’t Bryan Cranston Just look at him, they even gave him the Heisenberg stare

loganloupee: seeing bryan cranston instantly makes me think walter i can’t change it

gauraverage: Chutiye log. It's like seeing Bryan Cranston and asking him if he still cooks Meth.

BipolarFem: This image of Bryan Cranston/Walter White might be the best thing ever made

mannyfrom_pa: Bryan cranston fr played a panda bro, life is crazy

jpegmasterjesse: I have been thinking about whether or not I have ADHD because I saw a tiktok of the Malcolm in the Middle dad (Bryan Cranston) becoming distracted, putzing around and fixing things.


kroquegg_overon: I was thinking today that I’d quite like to watch Cocktail again, and it’s actually on the TV tonight. Let me know if there are any films you want to come on the telly and I’ll make it happen*. *I might only be able to do it with Bryan Cranston movies.

kroquegg_overon: *Bryan Brown, not Cranston. Really just wanted to see the Yuppie poet bit. Classic.

YSufferer: Like if you think Bryan Cranston should waterboard the lady who played Skyler on national TV!

Katzo60: Bryan Cranston, 66, is an American actor who is best known for portraying Hal in the sitcom Malcolm In The Middle and Walter White in the drama series Breaking Bad. He appeared in five episodes of Seinfeld as dentist Tim Whatley, commencing with SE06, EP08; The Mom And Pop Store.

moMIGHTknow: On S6 of my Seinfeld rewatch. Here are some recent faces I’ve recognized: Carol Kane, Patton Oswalt, & Bryan Cranston

JDubbbbbbs: I appreciate Bryan Cranston taking a piece of Hal into Breaking Bad by constantly having scenes in just his briefs like a lunatic

Trans4Fielder: Bryan Cranston as Saul Goodman

German_Puebla: There has never been a more circle of life moment in recorded human history than when Bryan Cranston went from voicing villains on Power Rangers to being Zordon in the 2017 Power Rangers movie

PearlRiverFlow: Christmas Carol and Emily (absolutely heartbreaking) Kitsunegari (Pusher's back!) Bad Blood (Luke Wilson vampire episode! The funniest non-Darin Morgan episode) Folie à Deux (underrated genuinely terrifying episode) Drive (starring Bryan Cranston!)

knifylimee: Daily tweet about how absolutely feral Bryan Cranston makes me

coin_art_crafts: I’ve attempted to cut Bryan Cranston as Walter White into an old English sixpence

kccrawlingchaos: Bryan Cranston’s performance of Walt is Sometimes is so unintentionally hilarious and I love his character for that reason.

thebensilas: Bryan Cranston Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

lilcatgirlnissa: Kinda surprised at this considering Bryan Cranston was allegedly their top recast choice prior to Civil War and he's only become an even bigger and more iconic name since then

eyemusing: Another time I was in a photoshoot for someone’s Tumblog in downtown Pasadena, as I was crossing the street opposite direction with Bryan Cranston.

ZeroYear97: Bryan Cranston

357rounds: What if Bryan Cranston was cast as vulture tho

Tw_tteriscancer: Bryan Cranston as Red Hulk? That... is not as redhulkulous as it might first sound.

EthanEJJTM: bryan cranston could’ve made such a good kingpin

everyoneisabot1: "Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden on the mind." - Bryan Cranston, A Man for All Seasons (1966)

mooniepercy: I thought Bryan cranston spawned at 50

saybruh99x: Bryan Cranston's best role was Hal


moviedetail: I recently rewatched “That Thing You Do!” (1996) for the 100th time and just now realized that Bryan Cranston has a brief cameo.

DaktarBatra: You mean long before Bryan Cranston, as Walter White, said to his wife, "I am the one who knocks", he'd already used that line on Raavan?

jobar1738: Bryan cranston's acting range is incredible

bigdigjohnny: What to do today, Arsen? Watching every movie that features Bryan Cranston. Yeaaaaa

hipster_passing: biggest problem with breaking bad is that they kept in all the parts with bryan cranston coughing like crazy. really takes you out of the show. like just do another take?

transparisteely: I saw Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul at a baseball game

KillahEf: John Krasinski will always be Jim Halpert Jason Bateman will always be Marty Byrde Kit Harrington will always be Jon Snow Bryan Cranston will always be Walter White Wentworth Miller will always be Michael Scofield ...

liveworkteam: Bryan Cranston sells eco-friendly beach house: $5.45 million - Los Angeles Times

eyeroll420: Whenever Bryan Cranston is the voice in a commercial I’m like “okay that’s definitely Bryan Cranstons voice”

SeanILynch: Bryan Cranston as Walter White is the best performance of all time

hzeprpl: why is bryan cranston so hilarious

opatoduck: Jon Hamm on Losing the Emmy to Bryan Cranston 4 Times

BurningExeter: At the 10th anniversary reunion panel at Comic Con, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and star Bryan Cranston revealed their thoughts on the "Breaking Dead" fan theory: "We love that theory. That was a great kick." "Walt is dead so he could be a zombie. Zombie Heisenberg".

brbaenthusiast: bryan cranston about jesse pinkman

RichardJuice: Last Flag Flying - watching Bryan Cranston try to do Jack Nicholson shit is appalling. "I love pizza!"

JustinMory: "Their trump card is that $17,000 they found behind the refrigerator." Bryan Cranston on a May 1987 episode of Hill Street Blues.

mirkskunk: he looks like bryan cranston

odenhead: Bryan Cranston

TMurphy87: I had a dream that Bryan Cranston had a cameo in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

dancastady: When prosthetics and general old age are factors at play, there's no telling Richard Jenkins and Bryan Cranston apart...

actuallysmiley: bryan cranston ama

belitoarg: Bryan Cranston te amo! ❤️

carriehughez: oh to be bryan cranston on the set of breaking bad dressed in pink and carrying around a pink teddy bear without a care in the world

pixie_ebooks: babygirleduardo: simply losing my mind at bryan cranston and aaron paul showing up everywhere in the meantime

johngmagic: Early in Bryan Cranston’s career, he would go to auditions with the goal of “getting” something; and thus, he felt he had no control. Through a simple shift in mindset, he flipped the perspective of each audition to “giving” something….a performance! The control was now his.…

a_butler222: Bryan Cranston is a legend

AnarchoDuckism: I had a dream where I was coming up with the perfect cast for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie and I chose Bryan Cranston to be Mr. Heffley, Sarah Silverman to be Mrs. Heffley, Pete Davidson to be Rodrick, and Gaten Matarazzo to be Rowley

ripemocanadian: we need a drive sequel about bryan cranston's character

CrazyChuck1215: Bryan Cranston, the actor of all time


AddictsAction: A thread of things we mention in the episode starting with Bryan Cranston talking about being on the show in 1993

colorado_pao: Te amo Bryan Cranston

jaketheoptimist: Bryan Cranston went from Malcom in the Middle to Breaking Bad giving performances on each end of the emotional spectrum. A true artist

ForbesLife: Bryan Cranston makes his favorite drink: The Cranstonian

riIeyexists: oh my god you’re telling me bryan cranston has done more than just breaking bad you’re just now telling me this oh my word i am bewildered

acrispylasagne: I unironically fancy Bryan Cranston in Malcom in the Middle

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