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Marlcrest_AZA: Marlcrest is having a kickball and football hangout on March 6th from 3-5pm. It will be held at Bret Harte field (address listed below). I hope to see you there!

vaprenderingles: The Luck of Roaring Camp - Bret Harte

vaprenderingles: Tennessee's Partner - Bret Harte

Frankwspencer: People descriptors (280) Mark Twain of Bret Harte

BoomerbeatViews: Check out Bret Harte, The Luck of Roaring Camp, & Other Sketches 1899 HC gold rush tales

got_curls_: Lmaoooo. Remember when Mindless Behavior came to Bret Harte and bitches swore they were talking to those niggas. Chileeee.

GuyDossi: Bret Harte offers a sports management class, designed to put a spotlight on all athletics at the school and to help increase school spirit

GuyDossi: Some shots from Bret Harte girls’ golf practice. The season begins Tuesday in Angels Camp.

MadeinHayward: Bret Harte Middle School’s annual African American Family Conference will be a virtual event this year. Happening on, Saturday, March 6th. 9am -1:30pm Join us and attend a workshop. Register here:

_BarackSays: Bret Harte is where I'm filming my Lonesome Dove reimagining

panemdoloris: “Bret Harte, California” is a reference to California Goldrush writer Bret Harte and not, confusingly, Bret Harte, California, which is a real place in Stanislaus County.

mearn: tag yourself, I'm "Bret Harte, California"

heyitsmattbaker: Shout out to Bret Harte, California. The best filming location there is, the best filming location there was, and the best filming location there ever will be.

HHRII7: Calaveras County Biographies My 3rd great uncle Myron Hollingsworth Reed the well-known proprietor of the Mountain Echo, circa 1879. His cottage in Angel’s Camp has often been visited by well-known literary men of the day, among them his friends Mark Twain and Bret Harte.

CHZonePTA: Making dinner plans for the week? Support Bret Harte Elementary PTA on Monday February 22 all day at Norma’s! Thank you for your support!

MannOfTheWest: reading Bret Harte stories to learn how to find gold in the foothills

LiteraryRob: Who knows what's What, yet says not which is Which: Bret Harte's poem "A Transcendental Valentine" for his future wife Anna, February 17, 1861 --

PaulGagliardi1: Having a bit of writer's block writing a bio of Bret Harte for an anthology, so I just wrote "Foreshadowing namesake Bret Hart's struggles in 1997, Harte had his own Shawn Michaels -- Mark Twain." Daring the editor to take it out.

IronBrigader: John Burns of Gettysburg by Bret Harte

HydeParkHerald: “Right now with the pandemic, so many of our families — and so many families through the city — can use support. So the Kenwood Food Project has been a great way to tell families we’re thinking about them.”

joyfulmoocher: Buffalo- still the ass e of the country ( Bret Harte)

Chicago_Reader: KeiyaA's life in music began in earnest when representatives from the Chicago Children's Choir stopped by Bret Harte Elementary to recruit kids from her class.

amlitreader: Bret Harte: The baby had brought "the luck" to Roaring Camp."It's better," said the philosophical Oakhurst, "to take a fresh deal all round. Call him Luck, and start him fair."

Nalani_the_Cat: “The trail was narrow and difficult. At noon the Duchess, rolling out of her saddle upon the ground, declared her intention of going no farther, and the party halted.” —Bret Harte, The Outcasts of Poker Flat

Nalani_the_Cat: “As the lovers parted, they unaffectedly exchanged a kiss, so honest and sincere that it might have been heard above the swaying pines.” —Bret Harte

Nalani_the_Cat: “The moon through the rifted clouds looked down upon what had been the camp” —Bret Harte

StrungOutOnVEE: Bret Harte was cool but I rather would have stayed at Gompers lol

aikokojima: Help a Family Move to a Safer Location! I am in contact with a wonderful Bret Harte family who has been put in a rough spot. Their neighborhood is becoming increasingly dangerous.

aikokojima: The mother, head of household, is aware of this and wants to move right away to keep her children safe. Although mom is aware of this, she can’t move her family until she pays her back rent.

aikokojima: This is a great family with so much potential. No one should have to go through what they are dealing with. The children deserve to live in a place where they can go outside and be secure. Together, we can make a difference in their lives.

MarkConnolly2: A coworker shared this goFund with me today. A family at her daughter’s school needs assistance to help move away from an increasingly dangerous living situation for the safety of her family and children. If you’re able, please consider sharing/giving.

towndeezy: Today from 11a-9p, call 510-336-3333 and order from Round Table up on Mountain Blvd. and put some of this pie in yo mouf to support Bret Harte Middle School! Don't forget to mention Bret Harte!

Page_Upon_Page: The writings of Bret Harte (Published: 1896) Full text:

jacobobryant23: Reminds me of the time in high school when I was supposed to do a presentation on Bret Harte the author but instead did it on Bret “the hit man” Hart

jpeebles: I read this wrong at first and thought, if there's one thing Bret Harte's gonna do, it's gonna be writing short stories about miners playing poker at a saloon in, like, the Yukon while ladies of the evening look on from thr balcony

Casey_Kester: Bob Bach of Angels Camp passes.

mani4mayor: I love that everybody from Bret Harte still coo af.. well most of us lol

myBurbankNEWS: Drive-by Art Gallery at Bret Harte Elementary — On Monday, February 1st, Bret Harte Elementary hosted a drive-by art gallery, featuring art that the students made from home.

towndeezy: On Superbowl Sunday, order some food from Round Table on Mountain Blvd (510-336-3333) and mention Bret Harte and they'll donate 20% to the PTA.

ThePineTree: Bret Harte Calling for Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations

aarondgettinger: Just to completely piggy back on what I saw at Bret Harte: kids behaving like socially distanced little angels in the classroom (the teacher said they were too quiet, but I thought they were fine) but they were kids —running, panting, touching, all masked — in gym.

BJDeming: Until now, I thought Bret Harte had used literary license in "The Outcasts of Poker Flat."

_missChicago_: “A bird in hand is a certainty. But a bird in the bush may sing.” ~ Bret Harte

ThePineTree: Bret Harte & Vallecito High Schools Will Be Fully Virtual on Friday

ThePineTree: Bret Harte & Vallecito High Schools Will Be On Remote Learning Thursday

ThePineTree: Bret Harte FFA Welcomes a New Crop of “Greenhands”

ThePineTree: Bret Harte & Vallecito High Schools Will Be On Remote Learning Wednesday

ShamKenneth: At least they didn't change my old elementary school's name Bret Harte 4 life

FriendsOfBHE: January highlights: Bret Harte responds to the possible school reopening

FriendsOfBHE: The number of donors have also increased by 200%! We are so humbled and appreciative. We closed COVID-19 campaign, but still accept donations any time from our general donation page.

GuyDossi: It’s crazy to think that Bret Harte could have been having football practice today.

LincolnPhilo: Substituting Bret Harte for Chaucer raises some interesting possibilities...

BretHarteCPS: Bret Harte LSC passed a resolution to raise our concerns regarding the current reopening plan and to urge CPS to work together with LSCs, parent and community orgs, and CTU to create a plan that is truly safe, equitable and instills trust for all parties.

BretHarteCPS: We appreciate all parents, family members, teachers, and staff who participated in this process to make Bret Harte community's voice to be heard. As our LSC Chair, Ms. Walker put, may our words be heeded and may sound minds prevail.

EGirlBiz98: A bird in hand is a certainty. But a bird in the bush may sing. :- Bret Harte

boxbrown: Oh shoot. Learned about a town in California called “Bret Harte” and now im looking for tshirts

gabrielledean: Hmmm along those lines... how about a triune merger of Bret Harte, Hart Crane, and Stephen Crane? I’m sure the gods of literature are going to smite me now

keky323: someone flipped onto bret harte

OUSDNews: Today, take a virtual tour of Bret Harte Middle School (5 pm) and Roosevelt Middle School (6 pm). More information:

Annfreespirited: The international date line is a human invention. Invented by Francis Bret Harte, The Lost Galleon (1867). I told you humans created everything in this world.

DeanCrystle: a spike ball game at the oak tree of "tag, you're it" as my homie and I used to play esp. after he walked me home from my middle school at bret harte in Oakland, Ca. the spike balls were mostly green on those days and during the Fall, they turned brown. the tree was everywhere.

HydeParkHerald: "You're only as safe as the people around you," one teacher said. "I'm only as safe as those seven families have been safe, and the kids."

aarondgettinger: Pleased to report on learning in a safe environment at Bret Harte Elementary in Hyde Park.

BretHarteCPS: Bret Harte LSC calls a special meeting to discuss a resolution regarding CPS reopening plan. Agenda is attached. Please join us!

LiteraryRob: I am not in the imitation business: Mark Twain's response to the rumor that he wrote a parody of Bret Harte's most famous poem, January 15, 1871 --

Morganthe: 4 of 5 stars to The Works of Bret Harte by Bret Harte

StreamH43032171: Liberty Ranch vs Bret Harte California High School Football Watch Live HD :

strobridgeelem: Bret Harte Virtual African American Family Conference is Saturday, March 6th, 9AM- 1:30 PM Register here:

barbtassa: Any way that residents can help? It’s bad everywhere in Bayview, and particularly along Gilman street from the Bret Harte School around Candlestick.

BelindaGreb: "A bird in hand is a certainty. But a bird in the bush may sing." Bret Harte Male Red-winged Blackbird Latches on to Reeds above the Marsh by Belinda Greb

IndiaArtMachine: "Bret Harte's funeral was followed by a taggle of dogs throwing his entrails into the air (evisceration was a problem for early embalmers, and Harte was the first American author to be embalmed)." In England, this would have been, where he died of throat cancer in 1902.

wandi43180561: Stone Ridge Christian VS.Bret Harte | California High School Volleyball Knights VS Bullfrogs

wandi43180561: Stone Ridge Christian VS Bret Harte | California High School Volleyball Knights VS Bullfrogs

Page_Upon_Page: The writings of Bret Harte : with introductions, glossary, and indexes (Published: 1896) Full text:

CarriereHenry: An early Christmas gift from classic American storyteller Bret Harte!

ChuckCanady: The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. - Bret Harte

Cottage_Press: Our American Short Stories features works by Washington Irving, Edgard Allan Poe, Nathanael Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Bret Harte, and others.

QIQ_EveryDay: A bird in hand is a certainty. But a bird in the bush may sing. :- Bret Harte

HaywardParentU: Join us this week for AASAI’s annual Kwanzaa celebration. Dec. 15th - gift pick up (drive thru) 11-1:30 pm at Bret Harte Middle Dec. 16 - gift pick up (drive thru) 4:30-6 pm at Schafer Park Dec 17th- Annual AASAI celebration (virtual) 6:00pm

ewstoryoftheday: How Santa Claus Came To Simpson's Bar by Bret Harte - On Christmas Eve in remote settlement cut off by heavy floo ...

cashN_outtt: Simeon ,Bret Harte . I honestly don’t know the park lol

LiteraryRob: And his gude wife lov'd him well and true: Bret Harte's first poem in dialect, "The Bailie o' Perth," December 12, 1858 --

uplandturkey: Select a neighborhood and champion based on the same criteria we utilized in selecting the first 6. -Lake Shore -Civic Center -Outer Mission -Bayview -Silver Terrace -Bret Harte -Corona Heights -Oceanview -Japantown -University Mound at least 10 properties in that neighborhood.

MCSSuptNoguchi: There are some amazing things happening at Bret Harte Elementary! Check it out! Making the magic happen...

MCS4Kids: Check out this sequence of photos showing construction on a wing of classrooms at Bret Harte! The photos show 2 sections of a wall being lifted & set in place. This construction will replace the 2 classrooms, library & computer lab that were destroyed in a fire on Dec 29, 2017.

JustinLardinois: Agenda item 8b is a rezoning request for a site at 0 Bret Harte Drive.

SokosokoFashion: Sweaters for women - Women Pullover Sweaters Autumn Winter Small Flower Pattern Woolen Knitting Tops Female Orange Navy Blue Beige O-neck Knitwear. Hello from Bret Harte - California. Bye from Media - Pennsylvania

SokosokoFashion: Sweaters for women - Simple retro wool sweater female 2019 Autumn winter New high collar pullover thick wool sweater female knitted loose red sweater. Hello from Center - Texas. Bye from Bret Harte - California

paulstevenstone: Don't know why, but this just brought to mind "The Outcasts of Poker Flat," by Bret Harte. Possibly because the outcasts had similar energies of rejection, and were naturally brought together by the caprice of fate and the small-mindedness of the Poker Flat populace.

FriendsOfBHE: October and November highlights!

AnneRodrick: (We're finishing off our sensation fiction class tomorrow with Bret Harte's "Selina Sedilia")

theurbanologist: Here's a short primer to some of my acronyms: BLC (Big Little City) A School in Cambridge (come on, you know) A School in Hyde Park (Bret Harte Elementary) Somewhere Out There (everything in MA west of Natick) EGV (Elk Grove Village) Signed, A Geographer

JBHalls66: Check out The Works of Bret Harte Blacks Readers Service Company

coleyyyru: Bret Harte. Im really from the point forreal. Zip code been 94124 all my life

amlitreader: Bret Harte: "As Mr. John Oakhurst, gambler, stepped into the main street of Poker Flat on the morning of the 23d of November, 1850, he was conscious of a change in its moral atmosphere since the preceding night."

Iickthegun: Like she’s never been good I know Bret Harte be embarrassed

gaaby_figueroa: Castroville Elementary Bret Harte Hayward High Sacramento State

ahajatrends: "The smile that was childlike and bland"-Bret Harte. Smile With Aham Sharma

MajnuKi: "The smile that was childlike and bland"- Bret Harte Smile With Aham Sharma

SUPERSTARRSHAWN: Bret Harte Elementary school Visitation Valley MS ISA Cal Berkeley

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