I use to notice how flowers bloom,
You use to see the beauty in everything
but then, you broke me.
I use to be the life of the party
I was the biggest cheerer of love
I use to believe everything was possible
until you broke me.

There is no such time to tame the monster,
So I asked why?
For my love trust has been wiped away like the waves of the sea.
It seems to me like a dream but the reality is so

You left scars on my heart
You shattered my dreams
And made my bright days gloomy
We hustle together for our future days to pay
But you left me so I asked why?

I was always there when you needed me, I was swift to say sorry and fix things.
Loved you more than life.
I was there for you even when you couldn't be there for yourself
But still, you broke me.


Lonely you left me
Even though I love you
When I recall days spent together
Tears fall uncontrollably
So I asked, why my love?
My heart bleeds for the pain can't be laid off
You were my hope but you broke me
So I sit in my lonely world and cry

Before thoughts made me believe it was my fault
Perhaps I wasn't good enough but slowly it dawned on me that it couldn't be
I did all I could,
Did better than my best
I starved to keep in shape,
Lend you money,
I am the smartest for you
Magnificence was not even a worry.
I was your perfect partner, why did you leave me?

No one else because you were my ecstasy
So I fail to control my tears
Moments shared have become the mystery of misery
Your enigma nonetheless remains my nightmare
So I just asked, why my love?

I burnt down my pride
I put myself in an uncomfortable situation yet, you broke me.
And now you are back saying you want me back
So I look into your eyes and all I could say is why my love?