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BobDylanOnVinyl: the freewheelin 1st issue - cbs 1963 - lovley 4a1 / 3b1

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sue_mes: “You can’t take it with you And you know it’s worthless to be sold. They tell you time is money as if your life was worth it’s weight in gold.” Bob Dylan ‘When You Gonna Wake Up’ From ‘Slow Train Coming’ Album.

ZiplocFruitcake: It's hard to overstate the impact of Irish legends the Clancy Brothers: Paddy Clancy, the eldest, founder of Tradition Records; Liam Clancy, the youngest, whom Bob Dylan called the greatest ballad singer ever; and, of course, Tom Clancy, who wrote The Hunt for Red October.

FarOutMag: Who is Bob Dylan’s ‘Girl From North Country?’

pablum_man: <extremely bob dylan voice> I love the nazis And I love the jews I contain multitu’es

Go_Get_it3: What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. -- Bob Dylan ☯️

calgarysun: MRU prof dives into Bob Dylan with new English-Lit course

maxthenandrel: My next year top artists prediction: Bob Dylan Radiohead Aphex Twin Elliott Smith Pink Floyd

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feivee_: “babe” but in a Bob Dylan voice

nightly_moth: Bob Dylan ~ Rolling Thunder Revue. 1st December, 1975. Toronto, Ontario. Set to play here in a few minutes

Raymodraco: Lady Hussey is 83. That does not make her a remnant from a bygone age still in thrall to rigidly conventional attitudes; it makes her roughly the same age as, e.g., Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and (if he were still alive) John Lennon.

H61Radio: Bob Dylan / The Band - Ballad of a thin man

ConvergeLive: Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash - Girl From the North Country

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keekster3333: These new assistance measures increase the EU's ongoing support to partner countries in Africa, the Eastern Partnership, and the Western Balkans, and expands the European Peace Facility's geographical outreach to the Southern Neighbourhood . . Bob dylan

empiresend: Remember when you thought the Travelling Wilburys were a bunch of old farts? Bob Dylan – 47 Jeff Lynne – 41 Tom Petty – 37 Roy Orbison – 52 George Harrison – 45 Nite.

John53493647: Bob Dylan - (Blowin' In The Wind) - "From Newport Folk Festival" 1963.

crockpics: Bob Dylan and Tom Petty performing during the “True Confessions” tour, 1986

MancinSofia: Bob Dylan - Spanish Is the Loving Tongue (Unreleased, Self Portrait - Of...

MusicalTakesBot: Joey Bada$$ is just Bob Dylan for people who like Greta Van Fleet

RPCorpIntl: NEW RP: In the first of what should be at least three new episodes this week, here's a low-key "choppin' it up" ep in which Jack and Yair talk the Dune franchise, Lou Reed's 2000 album Ecstasy, and books by Bob Dylan and Lester Bangs.

bluesdaddyman: Bob Dylan - Precious Angel (Official Audio)

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MontyMedici: "Write 4 verse song about generative art in the style of a Bob Dylan song"

TrysReddick: Bob Dylan - Mama You Been On My Mind

timevina: May God bless and keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others And let others do for you May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every rung May you stay forever young May you stay forever young (Forever Young, Bob Dylan)

Positivitypants: In the words of Bob Dylan: “ya got ta serve somebody”…..

GEdified: Bob Dylan A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall

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okbot1997: Any day now, Any day now I shall be released I Shall Be Released / Bob Dylan

crockpics: Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, 1986.

jakkro: Knockin' on Heaven's Door- Guns n Roses (Original- Bob Dylan)

EricMar92855854: 905 Here it is, the song of the run, and the coolest thing I've heard in a while. Bob Dylan doing the white boy, pilled-up blues version of Maggie's Farm...

airanting3: One possibility is that Digimon could be inspired by Bob Dylan's music and use it to help them fight evil. Another possibility is that Bob Dylan could be transported to the world of Digimon and have to help the Digimon fight against evil.

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JohnDoeOU812: Bob Dylan "autographed" books done by a machine

Nick_Newman: Had a good interview with White Noise DP / MVP Lol Crawley about Netflix sheen, streamer mandates, and filming Bob Dylan:

mirobluz: Bob Dylan Etta James CANDID HOTEL JAM SOUNDBOARD Providence R.I. with Sh...

Gizmodo: Bob Dylan Amits to Using 'Autopen' Device to Sign $599 So-Called 'Hand Signed' Books

tingyun97: This land is your land and this land is my land, sure, but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyway. — Bob Dylan

relisberg: James Austin Johnson, who does the amazing impersonation of Trump on SNL, was on THE TONIGHT SHOW this week. It's a fun interview, but goes to another joyous level when he is amazing doing Bob Dylan singing "Jingle Bells" thru all the stages of her career

hybender: James Austin Johnson demonstrates the different phases of Bob Dylan's singing career by performing variants of “Jingle Bells”

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GroovyHistory: Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bob Dylan's Mysterious 1966 Motorcycle Accident-

PhotoIndigenous: Bob Dylan and The Rolling Thunder Revue enjoy a community feast on The Tuscarora Reservation in New York State, after their Niagara Falls show. Photograph taken November 16, 1975. Photo: © Rolling Thunder Archives

purestbloodtype: Bob Dylan talking about the deal he made with the ‘Chief Commander’ of a ‘world we can’t see’. Who do you think he was referring to?

jagjaguwar: Cass McCombs is our Bob Dylan

SecretAgendas: Bob Dylan says he made a deal/bargain with someone that lives in a ‘world we can’t see’ years ago in order to get where he is now and says he doesn’t know how he wrote the lyrics to his songs, claiming it was ‘magically written’. Did Bob Dylan sell his soul to the Devil?

WaVyDaVy69: Bob Dylan's Other Voice - Restless Farewell

KRUIsongbot: Now playing: Seven Days (Live) by Bob Dylan

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damienslash: Bob Dylan cover of WAP by Cardi B

JokermenPodcast: Bob Dylan’s MODERN TIMES iPod ad (2006)

andrewhj: A mash up of Keith Richards and Bob Dylan…

scottballphoto: I’ve been searching for a specific bootleg of Bob Dylan’s ‘I Want You’ for about 15 years after falling in love with it while in high school. I finally found it tonight. Link in the thread.

afterpartylost: I can do a real good impersonations of John Lennon impersonating Bob Dylan.

orangeskiesfly: time to rattle some feathers; I’ve suffered more than bob dylan

kpfcradio: Bob Dylan - The Man In Me

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BlackstarCorne1: Bob Dylan outside his home in Woodstock, New York, 1968. By Elliott Landy

JACKTHRAXX1: Songs I am playing on guitar: Bm, G, D, A. Shivers by Eddie Sheehan. Am,F,C,G (Bar chords). G,D,Am. G,D,C. Knocking on heaven's door by Bob Dylan C,E,Am,F Big City Blues by Lil Peep

iTechPost: Bob Dylan faced backlash for signing his $599 books using a machine.

LAmag: In a rare public statement, Bob Dylan said he regrets using an auto-pen to sign books and artwork, adding, blame COVID

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H61Radio: Bob Dylan and Friends - Highway 61 Internet Radio

Jarhead3534: Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm (Official Audio)

sclairew: On occasion I cry myself to sleep to the song Girl From the North Country by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. It’s one of those songs that makes me feel something so specific and poignant that completely evades my ability to put it into words.

Billy_bob_dylan: Se dice....

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vulture: After Simon & Schuster offered refunds for $599 auto-signed editions of his new book

latimesbooks: Bob Dylan blames vertigo and pandemic for use of autopen to sign 'autographed' books

Musicstradio20: Always greatest hits classic pop dance rock: It Ain't Me Babe - Bob Dylan on

H61Radio: Bob Dylan - That Lucky Old Sun

moyer576: I’ve had a box of vinyls in my storage for 6 years that I’ve finally brought out. I’ve straight up been ignoring insane bangers. Heart, REO, Sting, The Police, Fat Boys, Diana Ross, Glenn Miller, Bob Dylan, Eagles, Johnny Cash, Styx. Why’d it take so long to listen to these bro

abt_live: Bob Dylan Amits to Using ‘Autopen’ Device to Sign $599 So-Called ‘Hand Signed’ Books

CNN: Bob Dylan apologizes for using autopen device to 'hand-sign' new book -- which fans paid $599 for.

10News: Bob Dylan addresses controversy after using device to 'hand-sign' copies of new book

intltimes: Bob Dylan, 6th September, 1961, Gaslight Café, New York

_ReportWire: Bob Dylan apologizes for using autopen device to ‘hand-sign’ new book

BBCNews: Bob Dylan apologises for machine-printed 'signatures'

loogoldham: Bob Dylan sorry for using machine to autograph 'hand-signed' books

kennethbsmith: All of Bob Dylan's performances from Dont Look Back (1967) (Blu-ray 1080p)

thesIider: which was more culturally significant, the renaissance or bob dylan playing with words?


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trymusicbotbot: Have you ever tried curling while listening to Bob Dylan and the Band?

johnLeeHooker: "John Lee Hooker has been dispensing his own brand of corrosive blues for more than 40 years, influencing the Rolling Stones, the Animals, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Van Morrison & countless others.” -ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE Watch his full performance here:

Philip_Hannay: Bob Dylan seeks shelter from the storm over "error of judgment" in allowing limited edition books to be sold as "hand-signed", contrary to fact. Publisher, Simon & Schuster, claim the signatures were legitimate and validated by a "…

crockpics: Bob Dylan with a cigarette in a harmonica holder, 1964.

Shujaat_Mirza: I didn't know about an autopen till the Bob Dylan controversy blew up. Am glad most of the books I have got signed have been infront of me. It does bring into question the ethics of being a celebrity who positions himself as the minstrel of anti establishment expression.

paranoiacs: Six minutes of slow burning dread and awe which stands face-to-face with the reality of man, Bob Dylan’s ‘Every Grain Of Sand’ is the scariest and most comforting song to emerge from his VIP access to the spirit world. Hope, hate, terror, ecstasy and enduring love. It’s all true.

ThomMoorePhotos: I love this scene from Don't Look back - Bob Dylan playing 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue' for Donovan, who's totally in awe.

MICHAELADRIANC: Bob Dylan has apologized for an "error in judgment," after it emerged that he used a machine to autograph special copies of his new book that had been advertised as "hand-signed."

ArtistCollab_: Rico Nasty and Bob Dylan make it happen people.

KRDONC13: Bob Dylan has apologized for an “error in judgment,” after it emerged that he used a machine to autograph special copies of his new book that had been advertised as “hand-signed.”

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i_icat: Top story: Bob Dylan apologises for using a machine to autograph ‘hand-signed’ books | Bob Dylan | The Guardian

kpfcradio: Bob Dylan - Man of Peace

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