Angelic so smart on a lovely stand,
Star to the universe who are thou to be paired with,
A world of meaningful sounds echoes before man on the balcony of beauty,
Her lips blushing as the morning star so soft like wool from a demi sign,
Newly sprang rose in mid summer eve adorned with jar of pearls,
Her voice so suiting sweet like Nightingale rises her Melodies to the heavens,
Epitome of royalty and pride put forth green walls with green smiles,
A woman after my own hearth before the breath of zion,
She speaks like the stars made love to the skies,
Like the dunes in the Sahara harmony tones of shape like symphonies,

The cebtre of her hearth lies two Divine skins path by life course to itself,
Hieroglyphs of waist like a roller coaster spinning like an over heated revolver oozing bullets of love,
Shes my Aisha.