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ammyyy_lee: billy corgan

H4rdw4r3_W1z4rd: Billy Corgan can express more emotion with guitar feedback than any classical composer ever

Grunge_Culture: D'arcy Wretzky and Billy Corgan

dpressmode: billy corgan sekilas mirip gerrard way

zachreinert0: Billy Corgan looks like he loves cream of mushroom soup

bloatedmanmeat: Feel like Billy Corgan the way I’m Smashing her Pumpkin

par1stexas: if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that courtney love cheated on KURT COBAIN with billy corgan

KaraOnza: as a lifelong nirvana superfan, i am surprising myself but slowly coming to the opinion that the billy corgan hole album is better than the cobain hole album

corganthings: billy corgan attempting to play a show but he keeps getting distracted because hes on acid (1992)

tinylittlehomie: Smashed my fingers in a car door but then my mom took me to get ice cream and I got to meet billy corgan and he told me my dog was cute so kind of a wash

ontheguestlist1: Billy Corgan

pi_kaisso: Billy corgan or as I like to call him, Gerard way (rough draft)

LinZHalsell: -Billy Corgan voice- the world is a trash fire

rixon: Pilgrim's shit was inspired by one that Billy Corgan famously wore during The Smashing Pumpkins' 1996 tour. The shirt is a reference to an eponymous track on that tour's album.

RS_McNeil: Toddler just saw Billy Corgan in the video for Today and is calling him "cone man" and suggesting that we get some ice cream (a "cone")

DragonFireIdeas: Billy Corgan.

Micah_Gray: Release — "Drown" is a song by Smashing Pumpkins from the soundtrack to the 1992 Cameron Crowe film Singles. "Drown". Released: June 30, 1992 Producer(s): Billy Corgan, Butch Vig Songwriter(s): Billy Corgan

adams_ea: No she is freaking not, she can't steal the world record for comebacks away from Billy Corgan

ontheguestlist1: does anyone know how to get billy corgan on the podcast? this is him

ontheguestlist1: Billy Corgan

freshlegsdiaz: Billy Corgan

DanSoldHisSoul: Billy Corgan is great in Obi-Wan

ontheguestlist1: Currently buying this. Thanks billy corgan

LitsaDremousis: I think it’s safe to conclude that Billy Corgan was right and the world is, in fact, a vampire.

DanielCrute: Just sang one of the boys to sleep. Bad Religion, Smashing Pumpkins and Powderfinger all worked. Except don’t do Pumpkins imitating Billy Corgan’s nasally voice. Babies don’t like it apparently.

spcodex: We Are Not Alone from Breaking Benjamin released June 29, 2004! Billy Corgan co-wrote the songs "Follow" and "Rain", and co-wrote and played guitar on "Forget It". The album sold 48,000 copies in its first week and is certified platinum by the RIAA.

metaltxt: goddamnit Billy Corgan not again!!!!

rafastinks: I thought LA would be like the 100% - sonic youth music video, or the Mildred Pearce sonic youth video. Or the mmmbop Hansen music video. Or the video for 1979 by Billy the boss baby Corgan and his pumpkins

jamesfitzjames: Unconvinced by Gore, who informs me that the song we're listening to is "Don't - With - Girl - I Got A Girl'" by Billy Corgan!

willforthrill: I simply refuse to live any longer in a world where I can't play guitar exactly like Billy Corgan I'm taking control of my destiny

_ShaneEdmundson: Billy Corgan.

jestermaxxing: Sucks how guys in bands don’t do freaky little voices anymore like billy corgan or that guy from placebo or that teenage dirtbag guy.

starbellIy: I’m like if Gerard Way and Billy Corgan had a really ugly kid

bkTheJunglist: "Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins" "Homer Simpson, smiling politely"

tapemachines: 2007-13. There are entire years of WWE I basically don't know anything about beyond Mania and Select Cuts. If Billy Corgan tells me those people are stars when he puts them on the NWA I have to trust him. Not Brodus Clay, though. I saw him. I know he stinks and isn't a star.

Rachuske: Billy Borgan (Borg version of Billy Corgan)

87th: Served a guy who looked like a fatter, older Billy Corgan, and when I gave him his change he said "smashing". Freaked me out.

crycrytilyoudie: billy corgan kinda looks like my physics teacher and it’s ruining my life

Gambit121: Open invitation? If so, I wonder if Billy Corgan and NWA are going to participate?

DarthHockey: I’m watching a documentary, and this isn’t the point of it, but Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins refers to himself as “the Corganator” when leaving voicemails

waitingroom2k: Billy Corgan is at my job right now in a full tracksuit

matcatch: FIVE YEARS – Duran Duran, Billy Corgan and Ian Hunter To Appear At ‘Just For One Day’ – A Star-Studded

makes_chris: Zwan. That was one of the best post 2000 non-pumpkins Billy Corgan did. Lots of songs they played live with a supposed huge catalog. Happier than Pumpkins. Not an all star record but some good tunes there. Had to dig out a CD to revisit this one.

zombie_jacki: “Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins.” “Homer Simpson, smiling politely.”

pradabears: it’s like billy corgan can sing and can’t sing at the same time

meownaliisa: "If practice makes perfect, and no one’s perfect, then why practice?" —Billy Corgan. perfect baat bol gyaa banda slash bandi

aidansturgeon: "Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanlines, and cleanliness is godliness, and God is empty, just like me" - Billy Corgan

SmashingPumpkin: The Smashing Pumpkins "Shiny And Oh So Bright" Tour - Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jeff Schroeder, and Jimmy Chamberlin celebrating songs from their first 5 albums from Gish to Machina. Tickets available Friday Feb 23rd beginning at 10AM local.

HOMARADIO: On 100.3 - "Now (And Then)" by Billy Corgan

Getinwithgame: “I’ll sing for you if you want me to” —Billy Corgan “I’ll tweet for you if you want me to” —Togan

TheECDotNet: Man Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins really were right. The world is a vampire sent to drain. And despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.

WWEMatchBot: Sarah Logan wins the Royal Rumble, or so we thought, but Billy Corgan comes out of the shadows, never eliminated to score the win!

Noelle60587511: Smashing Pumpkins just came on the radio in the car and as an adult I cannot take Billy Corgan’s voice.

Booking_Bot: Willie Mack vs. Billy Corgan in a SlamBall 1v1 Match on ESPNu

j51Roper: Billy Corgan voice: the world is a trashfire

John9494949: Give any credence to astrology? I'm a March 17th Pisces Famous people also born on that day: Billy Corgan Rob Lowe Kurt Russell John Wayne Gacy (infamy) I'll always look up a celeb's Zodiac to see if we'd match well. Cute actress? Boom. IMDB her. Hope she's a Cancer or Scorpio

johnny333tears: After many years of study… John Fogerty is the greatest song writer that ever lived… billy Corgan, Lennon, and duke ellington are right begins him. (Classical not included)

Matthew41905514: Billy Corgan is Luciferian.

Andr3wJackson: "40 years to finally wake up And 9 more to sling the snakes out of you" Billy Corgan - "Half-Life of an Autodidact"

simoneisrage: i love billy corgan

WWEMatchBot: The team of Mel and Billy Corgan win the tag team battle royal after finally beating MNM via Tripping on Air at December to Dismember

MaestroRandy: Now Playing on Q108 Kingston 3.2 by Billy Corgan

awkwardphaser: Billy Corgan was right. The world IS, apparently a vampire.

Matthew41905514: Peter Thiel & Billy Corgan are Luciferian.

WalkOffWalk1: Still one of the best clips of all time. billy corgan rides a rollercoaster

goatmonty: billy corgan security guards

matcatch: FIVE YEARS – Duran Duran, Billy Corgan and Ian Hunter To Appear At ‘Just For One Day’ – A Star-Studded

SpilProofLiquid: ✨Friday Flow✨ Devil's Workshop by Frank Black & the Catholics Sounds like: The Pixies, Billy Corgan Fav songs: Out of State, Heloise, Whiskey in Your Shoes This album has a genuine old school rock feel to it, getting to the roots of rock & roll itself. A sound from a past era.

monstersivebeen: sketch of Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins)

davehodgkins_: I went to Glastonbury once in 2003 as a teenager and was upset when Billy Corgan's Zwan pulled out. Never wanted to return.

dogateabee: Why are there so many fake Billy Corgan accounts on Tiktok I swear like 5 have followed me now

VaxxdBoi: Is this what Billy Corgan meant by “the world is a vampire”??

BigEffingIdiot: every bald man i see is billy corgan. i see man bald, i say “billy corgan???”

John9494949: March 17th Pisces Share a b-day with: Rob Lowe Kurt Russell Billy Corgan John Wayne Gacy (The OG killer clown...) I'm an intense, ovely-sensitive, but creative loner. I'm touchy and am not above intimidation tactics to chase jerks away Most writers prefer small social circles.

himjira: billy corgan careca tv grunge

WWEMatchBot: Rick Steiner defeated Ortiz and Billy Corgan to win the triple threat match via Tripping on Air at Walmart

vander_iam: is that billy corgan

newcompIaint: billy corgan sounds like the “you didn’t file your paperwork last night” lady from monsters inc.

volvicstorm98: If your DAW doesn't look like it would make 1993 Billy Corgan cry you didn't song hard enough

SheriffLonestar: I actually forgot that Billy Corgan is in a band such his omnipresence as NWA President.

JakeAGame: The layering of guitars for early 90s is mind numbingly crazy. Billy Corgan put a lot into this album, and even today you can tell.

Zchvnc: Billy Corgan in a Walmart with coupons

Nazzadan: Sam Elliot is from Sacramento and went to school in Oregon Viggo Mortensen is from a small town in NY Billy Corgan is 6'3" Have a great day

machneguncostco: people really like to headcanon Kurt Cobain as a trans woman for some reason, but I think it’s time to acknowledge that Billy corgan is actually the 90s grunge rocker who is mostly likely to have transitioned in an alternate reality where he was still alive

jfcarpio: Billy Corgan Tells Hilarious Dennis Rodman Stories - Joe Rogan

soapghoul: bill burr and billy corgan are the same person

MatthewOldridge: Dramatis personae: -American Pro Tele made for proper sinistra people. -Vox Tweed amp -Super Fuzz Big Muff Op Amp “Billy Corgan” -dropped D tuning. I started by thinking of distant thunder, but as always the song mutated into another thing.

PETCOINTELPRO: I’ve been doing Billy Corgan impressions all day and it sounds like I have laryngitis now. 8/10. Great day. Would do again

snadsnadssnads: Any dall E mini prompt with Billy corgan is instantly funny because he always ends up looking like a flesh homunculus

YouDontKnowISH_: Billy Corgan on the Realities of Being a Rockstar

kicknpuppies: billy corgan was right despite all my rage I AM still just a rat in a cage

hurrahbelle: I said out loud just now “who’s Billy Corgan?” and Alex said “isn’t that the guy that drives in cars with celebrities and sings songs?” …..

dalizardstate: stephen malkmus: your macedonian aunt is making benches out of steel / googily spoogily theres an aardvark behind the wheel billy corgan: avalon seas of crimson flames / jesus left me in the dark / i found the cure for hollow dementia in my azure bed

corganthings: billy corgan cosplaying as a magician ft. d’arcy (1995)

WWEMatchBot: The team of Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Billy Corgan and Christian Cage defeats The team of Ivan Putski and Sonya Deville via a Botch in a Battle Royal at Unforgiven

solidhex888: Also, Billy Corgan dated my neighbor on the other side of the street and meeting was awesome

aardvarkwizard: Can I just trade Billy Corgan in for Scott Weiland or Chris Cornell

gabriellejsimps: When Billy Corgan sang "despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage" I felt that

_ShaneEdmundson: Billy Corgan Covers Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on the Stern Show

_ShaneEdmundson: Thirty Days - Day One featuring Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins

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