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reblgrrlraechel: 90s twitter, talk to me about Billy Corgan. I feel like he is generally disliked, but why again? I think about this pic of him with cats like once every couple weeks and am currently listening to Luna on repeat, which slaps, so like, what's the deal?

ILW40723695: Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan is probably the most annoying band I've ever heard. Thats definitely not Rock N Roll.

fritzdillinger: I think I married my first husband because I really liked Billy Corgan and didn’t know what to do with that

furbygremlin69: “wheeeeeee” - billy corgan, 1995

IdleCuriosities: Finally we have found a powerful ally in Idle Curiosities' war on Billy Corgan.

hyperchlorite: thinking about billy corgan...... bitch..

MarkworthAndrew: I watched the Rush documentary today. Hearing Billy Corgan talk about them blew my mind and now I understand the connection between the bands.

Eve6: imagine a: having this be the content of your mind and b: not having the emotional regulation to avoid speaking it into existence as a 60 something year old man or however old he is idc

matthewaraven: Billy Corgan has hair in the video for Bullet With Butterfly Wings. No hair in video for Zero. What happened? It's the same album!

muchoawesomeo: Billy Corgan riding a roller coaster just ruined my life holyyy

dphrygian: Billy Corgan reading this tweet: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

magicalspring: billy corgan rides a rollercoaster

lingyaoismyking: I cannot talk about the Smashing Pumpkins without bringing up my utter disdain for Billy Corgan's actions post-2000

shellywellly_: simping hard over 1990’s billy corgan

fxax19: Me : Hey Batool You Wanna See Billy Corgan?. Batool : YOU MEAN THE GUY WITH NO HAIR?!?!.

myfmanet: Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan balancing pro wrestling and music

TStape03: *billy corgan voice* WANNA GO GET REAL HIGH?

JoeyLymphoma: Just now noticed how much young Billy Corgan looked like Muriel Hemingway.

goatmonty: people who complained about billy corgan's ego in the 90s had no idea what was just around the bend

lalaAleighlala: I’ve officially been on Twitter for 10 years and have absolutely nothing to show for it expect that I’m blocked by Billy Corgan.

MichaelLeon1970: Why does Billy Corgan look like old Darth Vader when Luke removed his helmet?

jackhunter74: Some people wonder what they would do if they had millions of dollars and were completely carefree. Billy Corgan has my answer.

shirleymush: ‘1979’ by Smashing Pumpkins came on shuffle while I was walking the dog and in light of Billy Corgan’s politics I’m now worried it might be about Thatcher’s general election triumph of that year.

SpawnOfDanelaw: A lot of people are lukewarm on Billy Corgan, but I'm a huge fan. Mellon Collie is a great album - it nearly broke him in the process of creating it. 1979 has a great melody and I love the very cool bend in the riff.

ChameleonPw: honestly if Billy the Main Man Corgan actually books Carlito on his PPV I might check it out

WWEMatchBot: Money in the Bank: Billy Corgan grabbed the briefcase to beat Tegan Nox, Peter Maivia, Piper Niven, Johnny Grunge, The Honky Tonk Man, Arturo Ruas and Dutch Mantel at Target

spcodex: Kissin Time by Marianne Faithfull feat. Billy Corgan and Matt Walker released March 4, 2002! Corgan (co-)wrote two songs and sang "I'm on Fire". AllMusic gave it 4/5 stars, noting "[Corgan] gets the highest marks here for capturing Faithfull's strengths"

jjethboness: Sat in a taxi that’s flying off of its arse down the motorway making me feel like Billy Corgan

RonaldoNo_sense: billy corgan rides a rollercoaster

DEADPRESlDENT: billy corgan got my favorite shapeshifter story

alpharivelino: "I'll sing for you, if you want me to" –Billy Corgan

Corinne_EmilyXx: Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan balancing pro wrestling and music - Chicago Sun-Times

Quinnydoll: Billy Corgan kind of annoying

WWEMatchBot: Judy Grable defeated Eddie Graham and Billy Corgan to win the triple threat match via A Quick Splash of Sriracha on No Mercy

mustbetheblood: grant morrison is like if billy corgan wasn’t racist

_tlr_: why am i in one of the dumb billy corgan timelines

YungJungian: *billy corgan voice* THE IRONIC IS UNIRONIC TONIGHT (tonight...)

NinetyForChill: “Bad Taste: Peter Jackson, The WWE Intercontinental Championship, and Billy Corgan”. Everything at its best.

KingOfPodcasts: NWA Powerrr returns to Fite TV; Back for the Attack PPV set for 3/21

nmeasia: Billy Corgan previously described the project as "a rock opera"

nmeaustralia: Billy Corgan previously described the project as "a rock opera"

RockingTees: Close up of Billy Corgan print

whats_urdesign: why does billy corgan look like slenderman

F4VRIELZ: bye i just remembered my dream i saw billy corgan on the bus and he started flirting w me and then we made out billy i wont u so bad now hmu <3

sescoops: NWA Power Return Confirmed By Billy Corgan

sescoops: NWA Power Return Confirmed By Billy Corgan

RickyCam: I would like a Doors type movie about Billy Corgan and the Pumpkins. He would be the perfect character to be a stand-in for the rise and fall of a 90’s rock star as well as culture write large and the empire.

thegoozshe: Billy Corgan is not only working on new Smashing Pumpkins music. He's working on relaunching the National Wrestling Alliance. Corgan bought the NWA in 2017. It will do a pay-per-view event called "Back for the Attack" that will stream on FITE on March 21.

NME: Billy Corgan previously described the project as "a rock opera"

Laviemarg: Same as the AP article but is the most press for the NWA since the anti-collusion investigations in the 1940's?

elitejete: Billy Corgan Confirms NWA Return; PPV Set For 3/21, Powerrr To Return On 3/23

WebIsJericho: Fans were fearful for the company's future after all videos were deleted from their official YouTube channel.

celine_dionysus: a double album billed as 'volume 1', implying there's more coming, filled with inscrutable conservative grievances? looks like van morrison is making a play for billy corgan's fans

Eve6: terry gilliam try making the don quijote movie one more time but this time starring billy corgan

ClassicRockMag: Billy Corgan and co begin work on monster “sequel” to Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

LouderPosts: Billy Corgan and co begin work on monster “sequel” to Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness

Masikus: Did we ever find out exactly what pumpkins ever did to piss off billy corgan?

girthXwurm: I know we love Smashing Pumpkins, but do we hate Billy Corgan?

vordb: I think I’m Billy Corgan because nobody likes me

JimChickenShaq: How often do you think billy corgan still wears that zero shirt? For pajamas maybe? Or perhaps does he have a marge simpson closet full of them still?

chrisolwell: Siamese Dream would be an all-time great if Billy Corgan didn't whine all over it this album still slaps

nerdygirly: I do not like seeing the words "Billy Corgan" and "rock opera" used together in a sentence.

KurdtCobain1967: • March 3rd 1994 • Courtney is interviewed by Select magazine in London and flies out to see Kurt, with Frances and (nanny) Michael “Cali” Dewitt. Billy Corgan was in London too...

ErnstHemingwavy: Feel like Billy Corgan at a church playing organ

vehlinggo: I love Billy Corgan's and Robert Smith's shoegazey dark synth-pop cover of "To Love Somebody."

DPostSports: The 53-year-old Corgan brought credibility and buzz to the company, which served as a proving ground for young talent along with the occasional dash of nostalgia with classic acts like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

dweeb_daddy: did anyone else read this in billy corgan’s voice?

Laviemarg: That was quick...

BillyWWoodward: Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan wrestles with keeping NWA afloat

denverpost: Yes, Corgan is working on new music with the Smashing Pumpkins, but the frontman is set to relaunch the National Wrestling Alliance with a March 21 pay-per-view titled “Back For The Attack.”

MW507: Billy Corgan recording the sequel to MCIS & vaccines by may. this summer is looking mighty fine

joahsef: Billy corgan pull that dick out rn

nowords2befound: Smashing pumpkins such a good band but ugh EW BILLY CORGAN

lucha_senor: This makes me happy:

xwhythisname: billy corgan is kinda of a weirdo but Siamese Dream is an amazing album

garagemkorova: Billy Corgan

johnnyb00ker: More details on the return of NWA Powerrr. Pretty excited by this.

CalebBellow: Yes on both accounts!!

FlatCapDebugger: And while I'm at it, NWA for their big return.

Hoe_Leopard: Billy Corgan going full chud ruined my childhood.

ItsDurger_Time: Cracks in the Foundation | TEW 2020 Billy Corgan's NWA | Season 2 - Ep 14 ➡

FiteTV: NWA Back For The Attack: Billy Corgan confirms return for iconic company

autumnbreezy13: 50/50 I use the “separate the art from the artist” mentality. In some cases i use it (Billy Corgan, John Lennon), but in other cases I just can’t listen to any material from the person who created it (Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson)

sescoops: NWA Power Return Confirmed By Billy Corgan

_jagodynski: do u think billy corgan has ever smashed a pumpkin. like id assume the man has a history of smashing pumpkins. could you even take billy corgan to a pumpkin patch? would he just smash all the pumpkins??? why is it called smashing pumpkins where are the smashed pumpkins billy?

ParkerBuhler: This dude's voice sounds like a mix of Chad Kroeger and Billy Corgan lmao

rachel_margot: I had a dream that I was going to have a threesome, but when the person that I was going to have it with arrived they brought a very ripped and we'll endowed Billy Corgan, and not my boyfriend. I was so upset by that that I and walked out of it.

bmac2838: 40 Albums in 40 Days, Year 9, Day 12: Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. Homer Simpson, Smiling Politely. Part DEUX!

DylanTheDudeGMs: Alright, let’s see how this goes! Michael Rosembaum Joan Kusack Norman Redus Paris Jackson Billy Corgan

spcodex: "A Stitch in Time" released digitally on this day in 2010! It is a song from the Songs for a Sailor volume of the Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project. Billy Corgan has acknowledged a Donovan influence. It was first performed live by Spirits in the Sky.

ADumbMillennial: Billy Corgan I have $5 plus tax if you sell me the NWA so I can rebrand it and relaunch it as Xavi Pro Wrestling

RoseLikesPlants: If they don’t- i will formally educate them on the musical masterpiece that is Billy Corgan

TheKingChivas: Who knew Billy Corgan was such a huge Dokken fan?

411mania: Billy Corgan Confirms Return of Weekly NWA Powerrr, Explains Why YouTube Videos Were Pulled

jaimeblack: Corgan: “If we’re lucky, we would have music out by the end of this year. I don’t know if we’d put out a full album, but we’d at least have some music out.”

ewrestlingnews: Billy Corgan Confirms Return Of Weekly NWA Powerrr Episodes

PWRepackaged: Billy Corgan must really love him some Dokken!

FightfulWrestle: Billy Corgan Confirms NWA Return; PPV Set For 3/21, Powerrr To Return On 3/23

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