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Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Zack zeroes in Authors: Beth Cruise
Publisher: Aladdin
Published Date: 1994-10-01
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
Zack tries to land a summer internship with Leslie's wealthy father while attempting to get his relationship with her off the ground.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book The Dallas Women's Guide to Gold Digging with Pride Authors: J. C. Conklin, Jennifer Beth Conklin
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
Published Date: 2007
Categories: Fiction
Arriving in Dallas to take a new job, Jenny Barton, a half-Jewish, single girl from New York, is plunged into the foreign world of Texas, where her roommate Aimee and her friends introduce her to the fine art of gold digging, Texas-style. A first novel. 35,000 first printing.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Myrtleville Authors: Beth Good Latzer
Publisher: Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press
Published Date: 1976
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Allen Good left Cork, Ireland in 1836 with his wife Eliza Carroll and his children, to become manager of a branch of the Bank of British North America in Montreal. After the financial panic of 1837, the Goods left Montreal and the banking business, settling in Brantford, Ontario, where they built Myrtleville House and became successful grain farmers and prominent citizens.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book BBSs for dummies Authors: Beth Slick, Steve Gerber
Publisher: For Dummies
Published Date: 1995-06
Categories: Computers
Walking the reader through logging on and moving around the top 40 BBSs in the United States, this book takes the reader on a whirlwind tour that includes navigational tips, helpful commands and real-world use of concepts. It focuses more on the unique BBSs and avoids the major on-line services covered by other books.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Crossed Currents Authors: Jean Ebbert, Marie-Beth Hall
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Published Date: 1994
A complete history of essential to anyone interested in Navy history.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Arden's Touch Authors: Beth Henderson
Publisher: M Evans & Company
Published Date: 1990
Categories: Fiction
Against her better judgment, Charlie Arden, a television journalist, agrees to investigate McCrimmon Manor, a haunted house belonging to handsome Mark McCrimmon

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Bride Again Authors: Beth Reed Ramirez
Published Date: 2005-11
Categories: Reference
Written in a conversational and humerous style, this straightforward advice is accompanied by real-life stories from other second-time brides.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Maternal Instincts Authors: Beth Henderson
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Published Date: 2000-06-23
Categories: Fiction
Maternal Instincts by Beth Henderson released on Jun 23, 2000 is available now for purchase.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Chasing a Dream Authors: Beth Cornelison
Publisher: Five Star (ME)
Published Date: 2006
Categories: Fiction
Hunted by a powerful man who wants her dead, Tess Sinclair flees her Texas home in search of anonymity, safety, and a new life. While a flat tire and stormy weather slow her escape, they prove the least of her worries. Just hours after her getaway, a hired gunman tracks her down. Grabbed in a parking lot, Tess is certain she'll be killed . . . until a handsome hitchhiker intervenes. But can she trust the blue-eyed cowboy who appoints himself her guardian?Nothing can stop Justin Boyd from his pursuit of a music career in Nashville - except a woman in peril. Haunted by his sister's murder, Justin can't walk away from Tess until he knows she's safe. Justin puts his dreams of the music spotlight on hold until he can make amends for mistakes from his past. Yet the stakes in this game of vengeance are higher than he ever imagined, and the price for freeing Tess might be his own life.Golden Heart Award-winning author Beth Cornelison and her family live in Louisiana.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Ready to Use Self-esteem & Conflict-solving Activities for Grades 4-8 Authors: Beth Teolis
Published Date: 1996
Categories: Conflict management
This practical resource gives busy teachers and counselors of at-risk students a proven, preplanned curriculum for promoting students' self-esteem--from lessons exploring what makes each child unique as a member of his/her family, school, and community to activities focusing on making and sustaining friendships, setting and achieving realistic goals, and solving conflicts where everyone is a winner.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Pathways to Literacy Authors: Michael R. Sampson, Roach Van Allen, Mary Beth Sampson
Publisher: Harcourt School
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Education
Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, e, i, t.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book The Middleton Family (including Myddelton and Myddleton) Authors: Beth Bland Engel
Published Date: 1972
Most of the Middletons in this volume are descended from Richard Middleton of Denbigh, and his wife, Jane Dryhurst Middleton.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Dangerous Nights: Tall Dark Defender / Undercover Wife Authors: Beth Cornelison, Merline Lovelace
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Published Date: 2013-09-06
Categories: Fiction
Holding out for a seriously hot hero Power Games...

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Tall Dark Defender (Mills & Boon Intrigue) Authors: Beth Cornelison
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Published Date: 2014-03-14
Categories: Fiction
Undercover investigator Jonah nearly blew his cover saving Annie from a killer. Now the stubborn single mum needs him. And working with her could make it impossible to resist his burning desire to make love to her...

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book The Awakening: the First Taste Authors: Beth A. Curry
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published Date: 2014-08-05
Categories: Fiction
Ladies man C.J. is an officer who is assigned to one of the toughest cases hes ever come across. Not just because the victim is the beautiful Angela who he is inexplicably drawn to despite every fiber of his being telling him to stay away. But also because it requires him to entertain the possibility that the Supernatural world might be more real than he ever thought. Now, against everything hes ever known, he must cross into that world in order to protect Angela and uncover secrets about his own past.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Seduced Authors: Beth Ciotta
Publisher: Medallion Media Group
Published Date: 2005-05-01
Categories: Fiction
Sofia Marino is a hot actress with a big problem. Burned out FBI agent Joe Bogart just wants to be left alone. The last thing he needs is to become entangled with red-hot Sofia on a mission to save not only themselves, but their loved ones. Original.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book The Pennsylvania Zarleys, Zearleys, Zerleys and Their Descendants, 1755-1999 Authors: Beth A. Hamilton
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Pennsylvania
John Jacob Zearley (ca. 1755-1805) lived in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Hartman in about 1789 and they had eight children. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota.

Beth Ditto Books, Beth Ditto poetry book Harlequin Romantic Suspense December 2013 Bundle Authors: Carla Cassidy, Beth Cornelison, Gail Barrett, Linda O. Johnston
Publisher: Harlequin
Published Date: 2013-12-01
Categories: Fiction
Harlequin Romantic Suspense brings you four new titles for one great price, available now! Looking for heart-racing romance and high-stakes suspense? This Harlequin Romantic Suspense bundle includes Cold Case, Hot Accomplice by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Carla Cassidy, Colton Christmas Rescue by Beth Cornelison, Seduced by His Target by Gail Barrett and Covert Attraction by Linda O. Johnston. Look for 4 new compelling stories every month from Harlequin Romantic Suspense!

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