Early winds of yearly tides,
overwhelmes my life,
the horizon seems nigh,
with this beautiful smelling winds of
And with this company of nigh winds of
of the brimming change conditions of
yearly tides,
and what now I expect nigh,
to fun around and fancy my life.
Behold this zest flavour concerning my
twas things, nigh winds of zest,
think these are some of the tides that are
winds, stones, flowers and many more
as yearly tides.
For whether the horizon may not or may
affect us, the tides,
and if those now, and here furnish my
great, bright and beautiful twilight nigh,
then, it is this kind of flavour nigh winds
of zest,
I dreamt and discovered and now holded
for my life,
tan-furbishing as yearly tides.