B H Fairchild Life Poems

  • 1.
    Elliot Ray Neiderland, home from college
    one winter, hauling a load of Herefords
    from Hogtown to Guymon with a pint of
    Ezra Brooks and a copy of Rilkeâ??s Duineser
  • 2.
    The Problem

    The name of the bow is life, but its work is death.
    â??The Fragments
  • 3.
    Outside my window the wasps
    are making their slow circle,
    dizzy flights of forage and return,
    hovering among azaleas
  • 4.
    How do the winter moths survive when other moths die? What enables them to avoid freezing as they rest, and what makes it possible for them to fly -- and so to seek food and mates -- in the cold?
    Bernd Heinrich, Scientific American

    1. The Himalayas
  • 5.
    Leonardo imagined the first one.
    The next was a pole lathe with a drive cord,
    illustrated in Plumier's L'art de tourner en perfection.
    Then Ramsden, Vauconson, the great Maudslay,
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