the wind feels cold
while my skin feels like a dead gold
and the days feels down
and there's no more smile
but only a sad and breaking frown

now I have a lot of baggage
I have a lot of time
but I'm wasting it
while the seasons change
while the sun sets
and while the birds rest

loving and losing is a similarity
loving means lost
and lost means love,
that's how I felt
that what I know
and that's why it's hard to let him go
that's why it's hard to let it flow

from January to March
from winter to spring
this feeling won't sleep
this feeling won't die
the roses aren't frozen
and the love won't pass by
because all he does is smiles
and that makes me cry

I still and won't ever forget
I still and won't ever regret
I still and won't be able to run
because he's always in my dreams
everyday and night
while I'm sleeping so tight
and there's not a single light

I wish him a happy life
a happy day
a good time
and not to forget a Happy Valentine's
even if he's not there for me
and won't ever be with me
even if the sky's turning red
I'll be praying for you
and may God always blesses you.