With drizzles of rain and droplets of dew,
Plants come alive through the farmer's seeds.
A perfect blend of moisture and soil does it.
For satisfaction and for money, he plants.
And for this we stay alive.

With shy smiles and crazy sparks,
Love comes alive through cupid's arrow.
A perfect blend of attraction and trust does it.
For affection and for desire, he shoots.
And for this we act alive.

With parting clouds and a glowing sky,
Each day comes alive through the rising sun.
A perfect blend of daylight and a lovely horizon does it.
For life and for growth, it awakes.
And for this we are alive.

With strokes and strokes of ink,
Words come alive through the writer's pen.
A perfect blend of font and calligraphy does it.
For pleasure and for educating, he writes.
And for this he feels alive.

Each day presents us with unique opportunities.
To think, to love and to act.
To smile, to hug and to laugh.
So, let's come alive and be alive.