This is a fairytale, but with no fairies in it.
Just you and me.

The touch of your hand
The thrilling sight
of the laughter in your eyes

When I wake up I smile
another day with you in my life

I fell in love in a fairytale
our love is the peace and innocence that we all miss

I fell in love with the flowers
the animals wiggling their tails in the streets
the smell of fresh rain and howling wind

The feeling of sun rays dancing on my skin
I fell in love with the music in my ears
The smiles painted on strangers' faces

I fell in love with the silence
the slowing time that felt draining once
now there’s no sweeter flow than being in time,
than being present
I fell in love with the rush in dawdling

We found fantasy in reality
Before I knew it
I fell in love with you

You are my fairytale.