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Augusta Webster (30 January 1837 – 5 September 1894) born in Poole, Dorset as Julia Augusta Davies, was an English poet, dramatist, essayist, and translator.


Augusta was the daughter of Vice-admiral George Davies and Julia Hume, she spent her younger years on board the ship he was stationed, the Griper.She studied Greek at home, taking a particular interest in Greek drama, and went on to study at the Cambridge School of Art. She published her first volume of poetry in 1860 under the pen name Cecil Homes.

In 1863, she married Thomas Webster, a fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. They had a daughter, Augusta Georgiana, who married Reverend George Theobald Bourke, a younger son of the Joseph Bourke, 3rd Earl of Mayo.Much of Webster's writing exp...
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Augusta Davies Webster Poems

  • The Oldest Inhabitant
    'AND when came I to this town?' did he say!
    A question asked for the asking's sake,
    Answered merely an answer to make,
    As stranger to stranger may; ...
  • Deserted
    No, mother, I am not sad:
    Why think me sad? I was always still,
    You remember, even when my heart was most glad
    And you used to let me dream at my will; ...
  • Siste Viator
    WHAT is it that is dead?
    Somewhere there is a grave, and something lies
    Cold in the ground, and stirs not for my sighs,
    Nor songs that I can make, nor smiles from me, ...
  • Coming Home
    Five minutes here, and they must steal two more!
    shameful! Here have I been five mortal years
    and not seen home nor one dear kindred face,
    and these abominable slugs, this guard, ...
  • Ni-chan-s Dirge For Yen-oey
    SO soon asleep! Now must the coming years
    Weep ignorantly their loss they cannot know,
    And life miss ever what has never been
    We weep to-day, let theirs be sadder tears ...
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Itsreallyheart: singing my heart to heaven, singing to earth at my feet, silence in thee.      augusta davies webster lovejona iwantasap
Jonanatinto: singing my heart to heaven, singing to earth at my feet, silence in thee.      augusta davies webster singvestigator queenjona
Cicuellar: beautiful singing bird scenes natalia. thank you. have a great evening. birds sing "i love you, love" the whole day through, and not another song can they sing right; but, singing done with, loving's done with quite, birds sing i love you, love-poem augusta davies webster
Paulyberk: oh, look! a speck on this side of the sun, coming--yes, coming with the rising wind that frays the darkening clou...
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