Archie Randolph Ammons Wind Poems

  • 1.
    The reeds give way to the wind
    and give the wind away.

  • 2.
    When I was young the silk
    of my mind
    hard as a peony head
  • 3.
    I look for the way
    things will turn
    out spiralling from a center,
    the shape
  • 4.
    So I said I am Ezra
    and the wind whipped my throat
    gaming for the sounds of my voice
    I listened to the wind
  • 5.
    Walking is like
    imagination, a
    single step
    dissolves the circle
  • 6.
    I went for a walk over the dunes again this morning
    to the sea,
    then turned right along
    the surf
Total 6 Wind Poems by Archie Randolph Ammons

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