King shall hold kingdom. A castle is seen from afar,
artful work of giants yet on earth
wonderful wall-stone work. Wind is swiftest in sky,
thunder betimes most loud. Many are Christ's powers.
Wyrd is strongest. Winter is coldest,
Lent frostiest and longest cold,
summer sun-brightest, when sky is hottest,
and autumn most glorious, giving to men
the year's fruits which God sends.
Truth is clearest, treasure dearest,
gold to each man. The greyhair is wisest,
ancient in years, who has much endured.
Grief clings; clouds glide.
Young chief shall encourage good companions
in grim war and ring-giving.
Courage shall be in eorl, edge shall in battle
meet helm. Hawk shall on glove
stay wild. Wolf shall on hill
be lone. Boar shall dwell in holt
with great tusks. Good man shall in homeland
work judgement. Spear shall in hand
be gold-adorned. Gem shall in ring
stand broad and brilliant. Brook shall in wave
mingle with sea-flood. Mast shall in ship
swing sailyard. Sword shall lie on breast,
lordly iron. Dragon shall in barrow dwell
old, proud of his treasure. Fish shall in water
beget his kind. King shall bright ring
give in hall. Bear shall on heath
dwell old and dangerous, river come down
from hill flood-grey, armed force together
stand firm, victorious, good faith in eorl
and wisdom in man. Woods shall on earth
bloom with flowers, hill on plain
stand green. God shall be in heaven
the judge of deeds. Door shall on hall
be house's wide mouth. Boss on buckler
shall shield the fingers. Flying bird
shall soar in sky, salmon in pool
slide swiftly. Shower in heaven
mingled with wind shall come in this world.
Thief shall go in dark weather. Demon shall in fen
live alone inland. A lady shall with secret arts
seek her friend, if she would not be fulfilled
and brought in marriage with rings. Sea shall well with brine,
circling sky and wave be round all land,
mountain-streams course. Cattle shall on earth
conceive and bring forth. Star shall with dark,
army with army, enemy with another,
injury with injury oppose round the land,
accuse of wrong. Always the wise man
shall think on this world's contention, the criminal hang,
fairly repaid for wrongdoing
against mankind. The Maker alone knows
where the soul shall afterwards shift,
and all the ghosts who turned to God
after their deathday, awaiting their doom
in the Father's lap. The future
is locked and lightless. The Lord alone knows it,
saving Father. No one steps back
hither under roof who could reveal
truly to men the Maker's design,
the home of the triumphant, where He himself dwells.