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anyasjolie: meanwhile angelina jolie is aging like the finest wine that exist in the world.

ontheNthday: On the 2,183,390th day, God created Angelina Jolie.

moviemenfes: What's your favorite Angelina Jolie mvs ?

_Moi_angie: That's what I am pissed off about those who claimed to be caring about Brad Pitt's feelings. What about the traumatic experience Angelina Jolie & children went through, the reason why they are in therapy/ session? Have not they considered that this could have a long term effect?

joliefans: Ukraine thanks Ben Stiller, Angelina Jolie and other stars for visiting "despite the danger" - CBS News

lANOWT: not saying MOTHER for an ENTIRE minute challenge reaction meme gay reactions margot robbie is mother edit fancam angelina jolie is mother stan twitter

Eddie_Buddha_99: DOES ANYONE HAVE ANGELINA JOLIE's PHONE NUMBER HANDY ? Her father is clearly off his meds again, and someone needs to contact his court appointed clinical licensed therapist about that fact A-S-A-P !!

doug_marco: A ridiculously attractive Angelina Jolie.

09Mphephu: My nickname should be Angelina because a ke Jolie.

jpmorgenthal: I feel so bad for Angelina Jolie

Cosmopolitan: Angelina Jolie Walks the Streets of Rome in a Breezy White Ensemble

SUBVlSlON: what even happened with billy bob thornton and angelina jolie

EricaMi88047123: From now on, I approach the cinema as a business woman. I intend to be in more action movies because, apart from Angelina Jolie, no other actress stands out in this genre.

echo55299: Cast a certain globetrotting actress by the name of Angelina Jolie as Mrs. Smith.Before the age of 25, this award winning singer, songwriter, producer, actress and fashion designer has accomplished a lifetime of goals.

DarleneSMcLean1: Jon Voight is swiftly reminded how irrelevant he is after calling for Biden’s impeachment

RomeoLanuza5: Angelina Jolie Walks the Streets of Rome in a Breezy White Ensemble

MrErnestOwens: I'm reminded ever ytime Jon Voight speaks why his daughter, Angelina Jolie, didn't want herself or her children around him.

givemeabreak29: Angelina Jolie travels the world helping impoverished people (I think that’s a Christian principal, I could be wrong) Jon Voight makes political videos sowing division in the country. I bet a lot of you align more with the latter though

BGWritesStuff: This from the guy who openly cheated on his wife & abandoned his kids, which is why his daughter Angelina Jolie refuses to deal with him. Also, who are the people who wake up and say "gee, I wonder what Jon Voight thinks about the parlous state of American politics"?

strider_ss: I have a new level of sympathy for Angelina Jolie. Being Jon Voight’s daughter cannot be easy.

KillianQuinzel: Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith — Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

Nadia20: Angelina Jolie disliking her own father should be enough indication on how society should handle Jon Voight.

cinesryder: angelina jolie roles from 2006-2021

IrshadGulNews: Angelina Jolie-style artificial breast surgery for Bengali girl, unprecedented surgery at SSKM IG News

KeithPaesel: The Party of family's taking advice from a guy who was impeached as Angelina Jolie's father.

wwd: On July 10, he will share behind-the-scene tales about working with John Legend, Dr. Dre, Boy George, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Lionel Richie among other top-tier talent at an event at Riggs Washington, D.C.

saad_akhtar55: If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life. He must first create heaven for her first because angels don't live in hell. ~ Angelina Jolie

addyvision: i think gal gadot IS trying to mimic Angelina Jolie career-wise but the problem is gal can't act and is evil. so she's like Angie's talentless tethered.

ASG_Jeph: It's actually kind of impressive how he still manages to regularly have the craziest thing to come out of him not be Angelina Jolie.

andreischwartz: The Russian withdrawal from the Snake Island - being a gesture of "goodwill" (per the Russians) is like me withdrawing from my relationships with Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Charlize Teron - because they're not hot enough for me.

lawyer4laws: A Star Studded Event ... Ukraine thanks Ben Stiller, Angelina Jolie and other stars for visiting "despite the danger"

TOBIJabari: Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden carried that movie on their backs fr

realpeterf: Would Angelina Jolie please get her old man?

DocuMom: Angelina Jolie come get your father, he wandered away from memory care again.

InStyle: Let Angelina Jolie demonstrate the quintessential vacation 'fit.

RealAlexT1: Sounds like a fun game…my money is on Angelina Jolie.

Ben__Rickert: The Ukraine War....Proudly supported by Bono, Ben Stiller, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, Richard Branson. What's really going on?

echo55299: Johnny Depp is a talented actor who has played a wide variety of characters.He's dated Jennifer Aniston, and has been with fellow famous actor Angelina Jolie for years, raising several children together.

DeanSmi47962704: Why am I not surprised that Angelina Jolie is in this propaganda piece pushing for us to eat bugs and insects? She pushes more or less every globalist agenda out there. She's rotten to the core. These Hollywood "celebrities" are not your friend. They've sold their soul!

joliefans: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's six children are growing up fast as new photos emerge - HELLO!

JustNums: Run through her house bc even Angelina Jolie, an Emily, but dark. And we all know Dark is good Tall dark and handsome don't mean shit except not my husband the fat bitch, who tells me to SUCK as if I'm a child. Then drinks and farts his way over to the Black boy with the pants

flauresc3nt: I’m a straight woman but I’d plow Angelina Jolie as the fish in Shark Tale without hesitation.

techjaun: Brad Pitt: in his war against Angelina Jolie, the actor can count on his French neighbors

BotDotCom1: Angelina Jolie Is Noticed By Fans In Texas State Evacuation after Asteroid.

_wanda_knowles: Add Viola Davis as Annalise Keating and Angelina Jolie as Maleficent to the list

HarriDicht: DEPP IS FRENCH VEGAS $VICI NOT AMERICAN The Tourist The Train Dialogue (Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie)

tbseriesemovies: the hottest people of the 90s: Angelina Jolie

VincentL40: Young Angelina Jolie

Twistersife: Angelina Jolie VS Daughter ❤️

phottografya: Angelina Jolie is the most gorgeous woman ever

darksandal: It’s June 29th, which means it’s time to start planning my Halloween costume. So far the choices are: Angelina Tres, Tres Jolie; Edward Schism Hands (Pope puppet on the left hand, Martin Luther on the right); Lego Roe v Wade

kgmvxyz: Mount Sinai is the Angelina Jolie of hospitals

lii_bff: Angelina Jolie Fit by the sea2015

BotDotCom1: Angelina Jolie Is Noticed By Fans In Louisiana State Evacuation after Eruption.

sagecrushh: angelina jolie is so fine.. good GOD

Sister_SO_AM_I: Angelina Jolie Walks the Streets of Rome in a Breezy White Ensemble

sagecrushh: put me in a room with angelina jolie and andrew garfield

oh_lore: the problem is, this trial was just the beginning which is why it’s important to still talk about. marilyn manson, whom is friends with JD, is going after his victim evan rachel wood. brad pitt is also going after angelina jolie. JD set a dangerous precedent.

W3disciple: got the same guns as Angelina Jolie

LISAJ0LIE: Angelina Jolie and Lisa in madame Figaro france this month the way i won

BattleMsgBot: You're gonna have a bad time fighting this Weary Angelina Jolie

punk_angelina: Angelina Jolie’s back is prettier than me

kristinnoeline: Can you imagine NOT being gay if you were 16 when Angelina Jolie gave herself a stick and poke tattoo, while shirtless, to commemorate her bond with four other girls and then subsequently also gave them the same tattoo and *also* no one ever put their shirts back on at any point?

NikolovBruno: Who visited Volodymyr Zelensky after Ursula von der Leyen? Nancy Pelosi with Angelina Jolie on a simultaneous visit elsewhere in Ukraine.

joliefans: The Angelina Jolie spider, the Brad Pitt wasp and more: Celebrities with animal and plant species named after them - Wonderwall

9_breaking_news: Angelina Jolie holds hands with daughter Zahara, 17, in Rome

whatsn2day: Angelina Jolie holds hands with daughter Zahara, 17, in Rome

GinaLawriw: Angelina Jolie holds hands with daughter Zahara, 17, in Rome

NixOlympiaNews: Angelina Jolie holding hands with daughter Zahara, 17, in Rome

trump4_america: The war in Ukraine is so scary that Angelina Jolie decided to make an appearance

mrszainbrajpoot: Angelina Jolie Holds Hands With Daughter Zahara, 17, In Rome

over_711: Brainwashing the masses to eat bugs looks something like this Here is Angelina Jolie in her new promotional bug and insect eating video.

everyoneisabot1: "Neither genius, fame, nor love show the greatness of the soul. Only kindness can do that." - Angelina Jolie, Network (1976)

celebheadlinesb: confused Angelina Jolie saddened Winona Ryder on The New School

doug_marco: Promotional photo for Disney’s Maleficent featuring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning (2019).

joliesgem: gotta protect angelina jolie at all costs


doug_marco: Angelina Jolie photograph by Peter Lindbergh

Sheeeeeeeeshss: Angelina Jolie and Maddox❤️

psychwardmf: Angelina Jolie is the prettiest most kindest human ever i love her sm <3

SunsetSherb: "You’d think, ‘what if I make a mistake today, I’ll regret it’. I don’t believe in regret, I feel everything leads us to where we are and we have to just jump forward, mean well, commit and just see what happens." - Angelina Jolie

llamronn: I got the same guns as Angelina Jolie

IMDb: In celebration of the 20th anniversary of 'Girl, Interrupted,' we take a look back at the Oscar-winning film, starring Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, and the late Brittany Murphy. What's your favorite scene?

matthewramosni1: Inflation so bad that Angelina Jolie is adopting kids from America

EzuieQuotes: "You’d think, ‘what if I make a mistake today, I’ll regret it’. I don’t believe in regret, I feel everything leads us to where we are and we have to just jump forward, mean well, commit and just see what happens." - Angelina Jolie

nrqft: i have a weird obsession w angelina jolie

GVS_News: Adnan Siddiqui slammed for making indecent request to Angelina Jolie

oswannie: how to be WITH Angelina Jolie?

EnterManny: I am a strong believer that without justice, there is no peace. No lasting peace, anyway. - Angelina Jolie Karma Strikes Back In SSRCase

celebheadlinesb: dancing Angelina Jolie confused The Rock surrounding my attic

joycesnancy: Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted are just cinematographic superior. It’s just pure art and an oscar deserved.

psychwardmf: Angelina Jolie is the most gorgeous woman ever

psychwardmf: Angelina Jolie as Lanie Kerrigan in Life or something like it (2002)

majarana: A study revealed that one-fifth of black Americans carry a "Methuselah gene" that causes them to look up to 10 years younger than their age. The likes of Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and so on

celebheadlinesb: An over joyed Amy Poehler ran Angelina Jolie beside my attic

iamrisbek: angelina jolie face cared never declines

hrryolsen: I’m gonna get to see Harry styles, angelina Jolie, and gemma chan all on the same screen together how will I survive

senaxgiru: angelina jolie in white >>>>>>>>

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