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this_is_cozy: My mom loved the Andrew Lang fairy tale books as a child in 1960s, so I've collected a few of those, too. Fascinatingly old school, with great illustrations.

Moth_Rah: I've recorded a reading of a lesser known fairy tale, 'The Little Good Mouse' from Andrew Lang's Red Fairy Book. If you listen to the story, I hope it raises a smile.

KidCentury: In 1 year I went from not knowing Andrew Lang, to liking him a lot, to finding him unbearably annoying. This is why I hate politics

baterfly: Henry Justice Ford ~ Gray Man The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, 1900

longvictorian4: Ian and the Blue Falcon for The Orange Fairy Book - edited by Andrew Lang. Artist, H.J. Ford (1860-1941).

andrew_l_rea: "No one will ever feel the exact pain that you are going through kundi ikaw lang din"

Moth_Rah: Storytime! I'm reading a classic - it's Twelve Dancing Princesses from The Red Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang

chandylier_: Hello people who like watching musicals share ko lang !!

chelseahannac: Should I spend over $150 buying the complete set of Andrew Lang's colored fairy tale books that I incessentaly checked out of the library as a child, y/n

BobOngHugots: Don't lose the person who's willing to do anything para lang ma-keep ka.

handleyzo: Does Andrew Yang know he can rescind his endorsement or should we tell him

brygonzales_ph: Are you seriously testing my reading compre by sending me the transcript of DU30's address? Reading comprehension was my highest score in the UPCAT. I graduated with a Journalism degree. Di ko lang babasahin yung transcript. Ibabalik ko pa 'yan sa Malacanang with edit marks.

Camilla_hoel: So much to unpack in Andrew Lang's thoughts on doctorates in the Illustrated News from March 25 1911. But that would be Procrastination. And so I will just leave this here.

HazelQuing: I was trying to understand both sides so I asked my bf why some people are mad sa "positivity". Share ko lang po.

Hikaru_Mitsuki: it would be what I like, and that is fairy tales! For some time I have found Andrew Lang's "Coloured" Fairy Books which are collections of many of many stories and poems. Besides those, I looked into more of W. Blake's works (because DMC5 xD)

jackyjacky70: Andrew Robb & Lang Hancock’s love for the comminist regime didn’t help is much did it.

thisisjanicanam: Babe dapat nasa each brgy and mayor na yun we have a system hndi nakadirect si President sa people. Mayors and brgys should do their part. Yun lang naman sakin babe. Isa lang presidente natin. Again, we have to be positive to help each other so we can surpass this crisis.

PStevenson44: Published today - The Oxford Textbook of Headache Syndromes, edited by Michel Ferrari, Joost Haan, Andrew Charles, David Dodick and Fumihiko Sakai -

EleanorFitz: I loved Andrew Lang’s fairy stories as a child. Now he’s in my biography The Life & Loves of E. Nesbit. He was the reader who recommended the publication of her first collection of poems. He also corresponded with her about ghosts.

bufocalvin: Happy bookish birthdays, 31 March to: John Fowles (The French Lieutenant's Woman), Andrew Lang (The Blue Fairy Book), Nikolai Gogol (Dead Souls), Marge Piercy (Gone to Soldiers), John Jakes (North and South)...

AndresMilioto: "Politicians use statistics in the same way that a drunk uses lamp-posts—for support rather than illumination." ~ Andrew Lang

laurielei: The Olive Fairy Book Andrew Lang (1907) The Story of Little King Loc ~ Andrew Lang's Fairy Books are a series of twelve collections of fairy tales, published between 1889 and 1910.

Steven_Lang: BBC News - Coronavirus: Star Wars actor Andrew Jack dies aged 76

so_contrary: Andrew Lang’s "Fairy Books"

JRllnd: On page 71 of 323 of The Arabian Nights, by Andrew Lang

_SELCIE_: Andrew Lang was born on this day in 1844 in Selkirk, Scottish Borders. How many of you are familiar with Lang? Around t...

MelanieJaxn: "You can cover a great deal of country in books." ~ Happy birthday, Andrew Lang

MelanieJaxn: "Of all animals, the cat alone attains to the comtemplative life. He regards the wheel of existence from without, like the Buddha." ~ Andrew Lang

ventura_andrew: Please lang

rabihalameddine: Henry Justice Ford, cover design for 'The Arabian Nights' Entertainments' by Andrew Lang; Published by Longmans Green & Co., 1898

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