Amy King Poems

  • 1.
    Wrapped in personal pity, betrayer sphinx slinks
    and eats; he privately shuffles our motivations.
    I like the capability of my eyes, the way they
    brighten the woman on the curb by the church.
  • 2.

    A miniature salamander rears
    his tiny head in the halls
  • 3.
    An author thinks she knows more than
    she does. She knows even less.
    For example, someone else wrote this.
    Thoughts approach in the shower;
  • 4.
    Like you I have
    forgotten everything
    spoken so far,
    I knew the dinosaurs
  • 5.
    There is a deliberate pleasure in watching
    someone smoke cigarettes. Even the echo
    of that sentence smells like a stolen observation
    that the smoker is deeply, darkly thinking.
  • 6.
    This is the director's cut,
    a traveling space in the folded crook
    of your plotted hand like silver night
    on a thousand platters spreading westward,
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