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  • The Departure. An Elegy.
    VVere I to leave no more then a good friend,
    Or but to hear the summons to my end,
    (Which I have long'd for) I could then with ease
    Attire my grief in words, and so appease ...
  • The Exequy
    1 Accept, thou shrine of my dead saint,
    2 Instead of dirges, this complaint;
    3 And for sweet flow'rs to crown thy hearse,
    4 From thy griev'd friend, whom thou might'st see ...
  • Another Of The Same, Paraphrased For An Antheme
    Out of the horrour of the lowest Deep,
    Where cares & endlesse fears their station keep,
    To thee (O Lord) I send my woful cry:
    O heare the accents of my misery. ...
  • A Salutation Of His Majesties Ship The Soveraign
    Move on thou floating Trophee built to fame!
    And bid her trump spread thy Majestick name;
    That the blew Tritons, and those petty Gods
    Which sport themselves upon the dancing floods, ...
  • Paradox. That Fruition Destroyes Love
    Love is our Reasons Paradox, which still
    Against the judgment doth maintain the Will:
    And governs by such arbitrary laws,
    It onely makes the Act our Likings cause: ...
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Nyamsinc: why was it impossible for burbage’s company to rush the production of king henry the fifth?
Cambslive: a statue of the colleges founder was decorated in a pink feather duster and scarf which appears to be the reuslt of a centuries old rivalry
Laurelworlds: december 1421. on campaign in france, king henry learns he is a father.
Devonchurchland: but the church came back, rebuilt, and hopefully the family of the child found peace. the faith in these rural devon churches goes way back, before we rebelled against henry the robber king and his theft of the monasteries, to st aristobulus bringing christianity in the c1.
Monkftw: it brought about a change of monarchs in england, with the victor, the yorkist edward, duke of york— who became king edward iv (1461–1483) having displaced the lancastrian king henry vi (1422–1461) as king,
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