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  • The Departure. An Elegy.
    VVere I to leave no more then a good friend,
    Or but to hear the summons to my end,
    (Which I have long'd for) I could then with ease
    Attire my grief in words, and so appease ...
  • The Exequy
    1 Accept, thou shrine of my dead saint,
    2 Instead of dirges, this complaint;
    3 And for sweet flow'rs to crown thy hearse,
    4 From thy griev'd friend, whom thou might'st see ...
  • Another Of The Same, Paraphrased For An Antheme
    Out of the horrour of the lowest Deep,
    Where cares & endlesse fears their station keep,
    To thee (O Lord) I send my woful cry:
    O heare the accents of my misery. ...
  • A Salutation Of His Majesties Ship The Soveraign
    Move on thou floating Trophee built to fame!
    And bid her trump spread thy Majestick name;
    That the blew Tritons, and those petty Gods
    Which sport themselves upon the dancing floods, ...
  • Paradox. That Fruition Destroyes Love
    Love is our Reasons Paradox, which still
    Against the judgment doth maintain the Will:
    And governs by such arbitrary laws,
    It onely makes the Act our Likings cause: ...
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  • Welfordwrites: morton's fork. a clever ruse by king henry vii’s chancellor to raise revenue. click the link!
  • Wmshakespeare1: king henry iv: a gallant prize? ha, cousin, is it not?
  • Ashgilfort: king henry the 8th is so nonbinary vibes
  • Laurelworlds: lewis mcdonald shines as king henry i of england in empress matilda of england. now on audible!
  • Wholegrainne: big thoughts during the movie but also something i already knew: the king should have been a shakespeare adaptation starring dev patel as henry. someone do some movie magic and put that together for me ❤️ thanks!
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