The teen boy stood there alone
Tears dripping from his eyes.

The rays flashed on the water,
The sand gave way beneath him.
His life was always like this,
No one was ever there for him.
Nor will anyone be .

The tears tried to wash away
The sadness from his heart
Which lay broken under a heap of sand.
His life was always like this,
Whenever misery came (almost all times)
They piled up on each other .

He watched the Sun dip below the horizon
And he saw his survival chances to sink too.
Slowly, rose the Moon
But her attitude seemed a bit odd
Instead of bringing hope,
She drowned him even more .
Hours drifted like minutes,
The Moon went on shining with its angelic aura
Pouring silver glitters on his blue pupils.
Those looked back as if to say,
" Why are you here now?
Why do you remind me of those days?"
Tears now started to rain
Causing him to shut them close .

But then he heard a voice
Speaking in his mind
Faint ... very faint ... But it's there ...
A girl ... it's a girl's voice ...
She whispers, " Come to me ..."
She repeats that over and over again
Making him drunk
With that treacherous melodious voice .

The boy opens his eyes
He sees, standing a few yards
Away from him
A dark silhouette of a girl !

The edge of her skirt twirls in the wind
Her auburn hair
Flowing along the breeze .
A sweet feeling creeps in his heart .

Her voice fill up the air,
" Follow me ... "
She towards him and the boy
Got stunned .

Wow ! thought the boy,
What a gorgeous face !
The perfect curvy nose,
The intoxicating lilac eyes
Which makes his memory fuzzy ;
And above all
That heart-melting smile .

The girl giggled and started to walk away
The boy began to follow,
Just like she had said .
He picked up pace and then started running
But could not close the gap between them .

But then she stopped and so did he .
She turned towards him,
He moved forward slowly .
Her face glistened in the moonlight,
His pulse raced .
She let him come closer until he stopped .
Now, she walked and came even closer
Unti their faces were only inches apart .

But then he realized
Where was her shadow?
Fear crept in his heart
Yet, the boy did not move
His body swayed in a frightful bliss
His heart went on devouring rich wine .

The girl now understood that her true identity
Was no longer a secret.
She smiled and kept her soft hands
On his shoulders.
She pulled him even closer
And said in a whisper,
" I have watched over you many nights
Coming here with the girl you broke-up with .
But don't worry, now you have me ..."
Then she kissed him, for a long time .
Longer than the others before him .

She, then pulled him apart
From her, from his body and from this world .
She walked away skipping in joy
Even winking once at the Moon .

In the morning, two sailors
Happened to walk past the same spot
The place where the girl and the boy had last met.
The younger of the two, hunched over the body
Before finally saying, " It's HER .
What a terrible beauty she is !
Let his soul rest in peace ."

For many the journey ends here,
But it was not so for this young man
For when the clock struck twelve
The very next night, the Boy sat up .
Oh no, not the body
Only his soul ...
He stood there waiting for Her .

A minute later, he spotted Her at a distance
And gave Her a call.

Bewilderment filled Her eyes
As they were drawn closer .

This time the boy went closer
Both came very close
And he whispered, " Follow me ... "
He grabbed her hand and off they went,
Running like horses set free -
Both of them were happy at heart,
So the smile came naturally .

In the morning, those same two men
Walked past the same spot .
The younger one said,
" I heard two voices yesterday,
A boy and a girl,
Did you too? "
The older one nodded .

They were walking
When surprised knocked at them .
They saw the boy's body lying there
Just like they had seen,
But with a smile on his lips .
Both of them gazed.
Finally, the older one looked up at the ocean,
" The Curse is now finally over ...
This lad is Her partner now .
May they rest in peace . "
Saying this they went away .

Even now my narration does not end
For nature had other plans.

At night, He stood there
All alone ...
Two nights ago, he was here only
But crying ... And now with a smile ...

Maybe the locals didn't know
But He was The Curse now ...
The creature of the Dark ...
Now, is His time to breathe in
Fear in the hearts of men ...

This is The Curse that cycles eternally,