Words Hurt Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Sticks and stonesA
May break myB
Bones but wordsC
Will never harmD
Me they saidE
Well they liedF
Bones heal butG
Words hurtH
Throw a stickI
At me pleaseJ
But do notK
Scar me withL
Your hurtful wordsC
Bones heal butG
Words hurtH
Hit me withL
A stone pleaseJ
That wound willM
Leave a painlessN
Scar but yourO
Words are scabsP
That will neverQ
Stop bleeding painR
Bones heal butG
Words hurtH
Sticks and stonesA
May break my bonesA
But your wordsC
Are inflamed abscessS
A permanent infectionT
Bones heal butG
Words hurtH
I cry onceU
For sticks and stonesA
That break bonesA
But my soulV
Weeps quietly enduringlyV
From your wordsC
Bones heal butG
Words hurtH

Amen Ahabue
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/16/2019


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Daniel Garcia: Be kind to everybody and tread people how u will like to be treaded
ALEXIS WOODS: I feel the author’s feelings. I have been insulted all the time
MAELEE MCBRIDE: I can relate
MAELEE MCBRIDE: I can relate to this poem
ZOEY REYNOLDS: There’s a 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end that so the annual problem for wizards and witches is finding a good way to spend it like maybe....... winning at quidditch or punching a malfoy or climbing the astronomy tower. Deciding that Voldemort shouldn’t exist or or giving a hippogriff a shower fighting death eaters destroying horcruxes or locating umbidges brain (it isn’t here) finding diedem cutting the heads off snakes or driving the carrows insane (longbottom!) as u can see there’s a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall (come on buck beak!) so stick with us cos the golden trios gonna do it all. So stick with us cos the golden trios gonna do it all
Mariana : Word can impact someone’s life greatly as much as physical harm or even worse
Lexie Leon : It was a really good and creative poem.
Giselle Alejos- Cacho : I think the poem is true because if someone throws you something it will heal but words never heal because they stay in your mind forever.
Logan Nitchman: I like this poem and think it is very true, because words can hurt, but they can’t always heal.
MatthewR: Words really hurt this poem is true.
Andronica Morris: This poem is explaining what the author would rather be hurt by than words and that’s a good way to go because words can scar people for life.
Braxton Jackson and Rhyno: Words can hurt
Luke miller : It was good
Jackson : Cool I guess
Kiefer Phillips : I think the poem was right
Mbam Amanda : Plain truth

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