If in any way I pushed you down,
mistakenly when I was trying to get myself stand,
beko I am sorry, please understand.

Even at now, I could still feel your pain
as it wallops swiftly in my brain.
I knew you were seriously hungry and tasty and almost at the point of death, I knew that. But greed and selfishness had my eyes blinded that I didn't notice when you stepped into the underworld.
Beko, it was my greed and selfishness that caused that.
I am sorry, please understand.

She wanted all of me, body soul and spirit.
She needed me to be with her, every time now and hereafter. But she forgets I have someone special in my mind,
playing me series of love dream everyday and night.
But anyways, I acknowledge and duly appreciate the fact that you love me but I already have some one that I had promised to spend the rest of my life with.
Beko, I just can't love you back or give you the kind of love you deserve because I have given it all out to someone ease already. No left over.
I am sorry, please understand.

I never knew it would result to pregnancy. I swear, papa.
It was just a test, more or less an experiment. I was just with her in the room relaxing when the spirit that is actually familiar rest upon us. And, having laid our hands on each other, we both fell under the anoint.
Beko papa Janet, is the spirit and the high anoint He carried along that caused that. I am sorry please, understand.