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  • The Sun Rises Bright In France
    The sun rises bright in France,
    And fair sets he;
    But he has tint the blythe blink he had
    In my ain countree....
  • The Spring Of The Year
    Gone were but the winter cold,
    And gone were but the snow,
    I could sleep in the wild woods
    Where primroses blow....
  • Hame, Hame, Hame
    Hame, hame, hame, O hame fain wad I be-
    O hame, hame, hame, to my ain countree!

    When the flower is i' the bud and the leaf is on the tree,...
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Heaven 3 Dear 2 Sun 2 Fight 1 High 1 Death 1 Save 1 Shine 1 Open 1 Grave 1

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Pokerforgirls: marvelous to watch allan cunningham fold. wonderful instincts.
Jedpumblechook: "o hadst thou writ of brother men, with milder mood and soberer pen; nor poured thy scorching spirit proud, o'er them, like lightning from a cloud; i could, beneath thy favourite tree, have blessed - done all but worshiped thee." allan cunningham, 1829 'newstead abbey'
Boitoclxtxh: cade cunningham allan houston grant hill rasheed wallace andre drummond
Thecanberrapage: botanist allan cunningham's name is honoured by everything from skinks to she-oaks. but how much did you know about the curious scotsman?
The_riotact: allan cunningham's quiet passion for the natural world is commemorated in several australian plants and animals. have you seen some of them at tidbinbilla?
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