Five Criticisms - Ii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


On a certain goddess acclaimed as new but known in BabylonA
I saw the assembled artists of our dayB
Waiting for light for music and for songC
A woman stood before them fresh as MayB
And beautiful but in that modish throngC
None heeded her They said In our first youthD
Surely long since your hair was touched with greyB
I do not change she answered I am TruthD
Old and banal they sneered and turned awayB
Then came a formless thing with breasts dyed scarletE
The roses in her hair were green and blueF
I am new she said I change andG
Death knows whyH
Then with the eyes and gesture of a harlotE
She led them all forth whinneying New how newF
Tell us your name She answered TheI
New LieH

Alfred Noyes


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