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blankpicwall: Aleister Crowley | Biography, Teachings, Reputation, & Facts | Britannica

SueTerryacademe: ⭐Aleister Crowley: I'm looking into this complex man of the occult, in fiction, pop horror & countercultural icon. April 22 join me online in a fascinating peep behind The Veil taking a deep dive into 'Moonchild', Crowley's occult novel that has it all -

SueTerryacademe: ⭐London Research trip tmw,full day Friday delving into Florence Farr & the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn archives & their Tarot/Divination materials. Some also featuring in my Aleister Crowley 'Moonchild' day (April). Attendees will enjoy the occult treat! Pic:'Moonchild'

Blight_Nox: “The conscience of the world is so guilty that it always assumes that people who investigate heresies must be heretics; just as if a doctor who studies leprosy must be a leper.” –Aleister Crowley, “The Confessions of Aleister Crowley (1929,) Ch. 17”

swag_solipsist: I think I know what Aleister Crowley meant when he said "I am perplexed."

LightOfAsmodai: Aleister Crowley invoked this entity.

JohnBetjeman: Sunrising and Ernest Hemingway confusing Aleister Crowley as Belloc.

RobertGrabell: Secrets of The Ace of Swords - Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Symbology -

GrahamSig: Now this aleister Crowley guy was no doubt a Problematic occultist but his idea that busting makes magic work, a-ok.

JGtradingcycles: I love Led Zeppelin likely too much but was listening to Stairway To Heaven this morning, the problem is You can't BUY a stairway to heaven this song might have something to do with Jimmy Page's occult leanings living in Aleister Crowley's castle there is only 1 way into Heaven

0ccultbot: Aleister Crowley - The Wickedest Man In the World (Documentary):

KaNuri: Many Christians don't realize they actually are embracing Aleister Crowley's satanic doctrine of lawlessness when they say "The Law is done away with." The Most High does not operate in chaos! So you're really in agreement with "Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law."

0ccultbot: Many of the Golden Dawn's rituals were published by the legendary occultist Aleister Crowley and were eventually compiled into book form by Israel Regardie, an author of some note.

Roaring20sNews: Aleister Crowley, high priest of the wicked 'do anything you want to' new religion, starts colony in Italy | Mar 27, 1923

herearesomedogs: The English Gramscian Hound. Famously loved by Aleister Crowley

SayntClaire: If I had to choose, my fave LPOTL series would have to be about Norwegian Death Metal band Burzum and the one about Aleister Crowley.

VisionaryFic: Any time I read a book about esotericism and the author mentions aleister crowley

tony_cottone: For, if it were not so, there would be something disappearing into nothing, which is mathematically absurd. Aleister Crowley The Book of Thoth

HellTiptoe: Somehow, Aleister Crowley and Joseph Stalin are involved...

LMe22iah: Aleister Crowley, Jimmy Page and the Curse of Led Zeppelin-When Myth, Magick and Weird Facts Collide – carwreckdebangs

abigale12d: City of the Beast: The London of Aleister Crowley 0SEBC2V

LeroyBinks: Aleister Crowley was the first person to be "Yeated" down a flight of stairs.

gonzohostility: The artist formerly known as Aleister Crowley

Robin_C_Douglas: Aleister Crowley was a nitrous oxide addict too, of course.

mary311forU: " do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law" Yeahh 311 lyric.. Which is the saying from Aleister Crowley who 311 looks up to... Super glad I'm out of that MINDSPIN!!!! We don't even listen to them Here's more lies and bs as to which this man stands for

fitnessfeelingz: Hoffman argues that person “X” in letter below from JPL founder Jack Parsons to Aleister Crowley is none other than L. Ron Hubbard. & Scientology is a Thelema/occult front organization

luisbond009: “The Universe is Change; every Change is the effect of an Act of Love; all Acts of Love contain Pure Joy. Die daily! Death is the apex of one curve of the snake Life: behold all opposites as necessary complements, and rejoice” - Aleister Crowley

fitnessfeelingz: Lam, an extra-terrestrial Intelligence with whom (allegedly) Aleister Crowley was in astral contact in 1919. Drawn by Crowley that same year.

BeenCouth: Aleister Crowley invented peer review send tweet

Minusfour: Chame Aleister Crowley.

SchumanKimm: Aleister Crowley is primarily known for his occult writings and teachings. He founded the religion of Thelema, which became adopted by the Ordo Templis Orientis (O.T.O.) as well as the magical order Argenteum Astrum, or A:.A:., the Order of the Silver Star. Satanist.

rusticus_est: Who would’ve guessed we’d have a Final Four with Aleister Crowley Tech, Broke River State, Melancholia University, and the Mad Bears of the Central-Swelter School of Economics? Anything is possible.

Typhonisalive: At this point i think i got a better shot at suddenly awakening with grace before getting to play my card.. i wanted to name my kid either Aleister Crowley or Blanket but alas i didnt get either.

TheresaChaparas: 50 year difference from the 1st taxi driver murder. 1st one done by Aleister Crowley the ones after were probably done by The Zodiac Killer. competing

USMOVIC: Aleister Crowley was an English occultist, philosopher, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th century.

0ccultbot: 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley is a well assembled reference book for occult studies and is a dictionary for the art of Gematria. An important work by the wickedest man in the world and a staple to any occultist's library:

iluminatibot: Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn, O.T.O., Theosophy crowd were involved with a number of key Nazi occult figures.

PynchonInPublic: The Devil Rides Out (1968) is a great horror film that stands up well after 55 years. Charles Gray steals the show as the head of the devil cult. Mocata is Wheatley’s take on Aleister Crowley

tramponakipper: Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will. - Aleister Crowley

NORMALHOROSCOPE: RIP Aleister Crowley you would have had so much fun during the satanic panic.

crystalafayette: Watch "How the Ancient Invocation of the Headless God became Aleister Crowley's Ritual of the Bornless One" on YouTube

watsicamtaer: Living Thelema: A Practical Guide to Attainment in Aleister Crowley's System of Magick NJPQXJQ

veniweedyvici: Aleister Crowley, Francois Rabelais and the Herb of Thelema

EdgardLemaire: "Extol the truth of love’s disdain! Love, daring by no glance to gladden A heart that waits but that to madden In purple pleasure plucked of pain. Nay! let our tears, that fail to sadden, Extol the truth of love’s disdain!" Aleister Crowley - Tannhäuser: A Story of all time

revenantdegen: The hermetic order of the golden dawn whose rituals were leaked by Aleister Crowley when he broke his oath provided the foundation for modern western occultism. They are now replaced by the Astrum Argentum.

SueTerryacademe: ⭐Off to write my newsletter today. Spring seminar series starts w/ 'Moonchild & The High Priestess', tarot & magic in Aleister Crowley's novel. Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn,women of magic, practical divination & talks about fiction.April 22nd, online

kevinjcogdell: "The pious pretense that evil does not exist only makes it vague, enormous and menacing." ― Aleister Crowley

BrainfoodJT: Jack Parsons lived with Founder of Scientology, Ron Hubbard for a year. They both were disciples of Aleister Crowley. Here is the article published on The Sunday Times, 5 october 1969.

highpriestjrry: Hail lord Lucifer 666 the book of the law was written in 1904 by the British devil worship er aleister Crowley. I have 4 copies of the book of the book of law. Including my pocket book of the law which i keep in my pocket when iam not reading it.

alga_rhythm: Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis! -Aleister Crowley

mlreidchamp: Lady Whistledown’s High-Society Gossip Paper done already scandalized my name, PRINCE MAGICK, calling me the bastard son of Aleister Crowley the English occultist. Honolulu, Hawai'i will never be the same.

SmaragdinaVisio: Illustrated Book of the Law by Susan E Jameson. Liber AL vel Legis as it was called, was received by Aleister Crowley in Cairo in 1904 from a discarnate entity called Aiwass. It is the foundational holy text of Thelema

raoul89nvl: The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema (Weiser Classics Series) W8ONYY5

WICCAPHASE_BOT: you're marjorie cameron, i'm aleister crowley

0ccultbot: The origins of Spirit Cooking can be found in Cake of Light, a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley. The ingredients of the Cake of Light include honey, oil, menstrual blood and sperm.

MichaelInTruth: Not only is Trump a moon child, he is THE Moon Child spoken about on the day of his birth 6/14/1946, by Aleister Crowley in the attached contemporaneous letter. AC Aleister Crowley also wrote a book called Moon Child. Trump was born during a blood moon total lunar eclipse.

HuduHussein: This is absolutely true. Aleister Crowley called this "Do what thou wilt". This gay agenda is just a step towards the ultimate goal - anarchy. Separate law from morality and you have a diabolical lawless society!

DavidCranmerUn1: monument created controversy. Eventually, as compromise, under Robert Ross' instruction, a bronze plaque similar to the shape of a butterfly was placed upon the testicles of the monument and it was unveiled in early August 1914 by the occultist and poet Aleister Crowley. Epstein

DavidCranmerUn1: was furious that his work had been altered without his consent and refused to attend the unveiling. A few weeks later Aleister Crowley approached Epstein in a café in Paris, and around his neck was a bronze butterfly—he informed Epstein that his work was now on display as he

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

culture_fight: TAG TEAM ACTION: Aleister Crowley's 'Book of the Law' and the concept of monotheistic religion TAKE ON the London sewerage system and 'Lord of the Rings' (the movies)

spore_printce: Write me a fictional theory on the conspiracy that Aleister Crowley was not a real person.

JasonColavito: The closest I can come is the group of Aleister Crowley disciples active in the 1960s, which included Kenneth Anger, the James Dean obsessive who later worked with Anton LaVey and was romantically involved with a Manson Family member.

CalciumRich1221: Aleister Crowley had small turds.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley coffee spell.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley was raised a Christian but he switched sides and he chose satan s side. I never been a Christian. I was buddist for few years start ed in high school. Then i got in satanism and witchcraft in 2003 i convert to thelema a from of Satanism.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

AffableZombie: "Crowley thought Hubbard was a fraud and made his stance quite well-known. Parsons absolutely didn’t listen, though, and entered into a bizarre partnership with Hubbard." 10 Unsettling Teachings of the Eccentric Aleister Crowley

AffableZombie: Alister Crowley is the only reason the common folk have access to the occult before Aleister Crowley was only for the Elite.

bm3nezes: John Dee reincarnated im Aleister Crowley on his worst of days stay away

themediawitch: If you wanna buy this very rare out of print occultism book by Aleister Crowley (edited by Francis King), there's a couple of hours left to bid:

highpriestjrry: Hail lord Lucifer 666 aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

YuuRei20: --mountaineer, Aleister Crowley. Wikipedia says Crowley believed in the objective existence of magic, and he deliberately adopted an exceptionally broad definition of magic that included almost all forms of science and technology.

SunshineJarboly: ph…” “let’s get started in your little problem,” rick quickly said. through the miracle of technology & probably a lot of aleister crowley magic rick was able to access our home security system from, i assume, the farm where he lived to try & troubleshoot

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

SoMuchBloodJoe: Aleister Crowley was a loser. Even his own people hated him.

MaeviusLynn: I did a livestream today with the Sixth Sense Society on Aleister Crowley and his system magick. It was a fun Livestream. You can watch a recording of it on their YouTube channel. It is also available as a recording on their podcast. ➡️

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

Torunstyles: Aleister Crowley T-Shirt

Djindji4: Joe Atwill returns to discuss the links connecting Alfred Kinsey to the occultist Aleister Crowley, the Rockefellers, the American Jewish Committee and CIA’s MK Ultra program.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 this is aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 i have 2 heroes aleister Crowley the founder of the religion of thelema the religion i follow. And my other heroe is Vladimir putin the russian President.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 this my favorite quote by aleister Crowley.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 my thelema and aleister Crowley books i will not let anyone throw them away.


highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 i believe in a worship the devil. I follow the teachings of the British Satanist aleister Crowley.

herearesomedogs: The Wind Pinscher. Famously loved by Aleister Crowley

wowshirtstore: Aleister Crowley shirt

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 aleister Crowley s coffee spell.

richardkaczynsk: Two recent French editions of Aleister Crowley works—“At the Crossroads and Other Works” (2022) and “Moonchild” (2021)—from Anima, with translation work by Philippe Pissier and Audrey Muller.

JoshWallerTLH: The mantra “do as thou wilt” from Aleister Crowley, satanism’s official founder, is identical to the mantra “follow your heart”.

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 iam a Satanist i follow the techings of the British Satanist aleister Crowley. I will all was be Satanist i will never become a Christian. Ivw been a Satanist for 20 years.

0ccultbot: Aleister Crowley: The Father of the Occult (Occult History Explained):

highpriestjrry: Hail satan 666 my book children of the beast its about the followers of aleister Crowley. Iam getting ready to read it.

Urylle: “a Tau or Cross symbolizes the element of Earth as a solidification of the four elements. There is also a phallic meaning, whence Tau is attributed not only to Earth, but to Saturn” 777 revised By Aleister Crowley (1986) PDF file; (2004)

RobertGrabell: Secrets of The Knight of Cups - Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Symbology -

Goldhyype: Aleister Crowley was a devil

IssacOghogho: Thelema is one of the reasons why you see humans boasting about being gods. Aleister Crowley is their prophet.

Signore_XV: The Equinox was a periodic by Aleister Crowley and his pals, talking about occultism, poetry and so on. It last for some 90 years, being probably the most long lived alternative media out there.

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