I Wish I Could Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I wish I could Get youA
I don't know how much this heart wants you all the timeB
Feel Your Presence Everywhere Where you are not thereC
Always think to See you Again with that Shiny little RainD
Show's Always My love for You but can't speak to YouA
Say's it that you are my only World Which Is Enlighted by youA
I wish I Could Say how much I love youA
While Seeing Your happiness are my world stops soo farE
Such Moment stops Around where I See Your Face roundF
Sudden i gets scared that my gestures Do not lose you to show my love for youA
Scared to go again on such Street from where you holded my hands and makes me outG
Scared of darkness dear where I'll be in deep fear there you can't hearH
Still wishes all clear Get you always mh NearI
I wish i could Get youA
I wishJ
Thinking of memories makes me laughK
I have awake you in heart from your nameL
I have not told you yetM
I am glad to cry with pepper fryN
The truth is that not selfish my love isO
What can i not bow down before your happinessP
Your happiness is in your Independence then Why i make boundaries for youA
You will be happy to take the pleasure of your happinessP
Then Why i tell you how much i love youA
Why i tell youA
I will run my promise throughout lifeQ
Neither would like to moreR
Nor can do lessS
I will be happy to see your joys with shiny Star's and a MoonT
Then I will repent foreverU
I wish I could get youA
I wish i could sayV
I wish I could sayV
If you love a Flower don't pluck it water itW

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