The first time I saw you
My heart say it was you.
It was you that I wanted to be my first and last.

Your smile, your eyes always leave me wanting more
The first time I talked to you is something I’d never forget
The feeling you gave me in my stomach left me speechless.
I like the way you are, how lovey-dovey you are.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i behold you
I give you my heart
It belongs to you
Listen carefully as i express myself to you
My love can never be fake for you.
Once you ignite the glow in my heart.

You're the smile on my face,
the sparkle in my eye,
the warmth inside my heart,
the fullness in my life.
I am madly in love with you, but you are no longer mine.

As the days and months pass by ,Everything change .
From I love you's to Goodbye.
our relationships seems to be on the rock.
i thought you will fight but you left me hanging.
this is the second time that you walk out on me.

the days with you seems to always go by so fast but:
the days without you seems to go by so slow.
the days without you left me wondering ;
what are you doing,
what you were thinking about and
do you still thinking about me?

This is the moment I dread because I’m constantly thinking of you
I know I’ll never see or hear from you again
You will be just a memory from my past
And I would be someone forgotten in yours…

it"s been a year since you left me still,
I craved your hugs and kisses, but you look so happy
I missed those three little words,
I missed everything.

I pray for your happiness even if your happiness is not me.
I will wait till the right time will come for us.
If we met again,
I hope we will be match in heaven.