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I'm a simple girl possibly like y'all I love the smell of old parchment and songs with meaning I use poetry to express my feelings :) ...
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  • Life :)
    There's always gonna be another barrier,
    I'm gonna want to make it through,
    Sometimes I'll lose my way
    But to myself I'll stay true ...
  • Hold On
    Given as the day comes
    With a lot to hold on to,
    Given as night approaches
    I know she’s in love with you. ...
  • That Sunflower
    As that gentle wind blows
    With teardrops falling from the sky
    As life becomes slow
    She tries to forget those lies ...
  • She's There
    She sits right there, head hangs low
    And she needs a start
    She looks everywhere, and feels the urge to know
    What belongs to her heart. ...
  • The Sense Of Freedom In The Sky
    When those stars shine in the dark and desolate sky,
    From the murky depths of my soul, I feel a fire ignite
    That day I started walking with nothing by my side.
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Though skillful and accomplished artists trace
Most beautiful designs on every hand,
And gleaming statues in dim niches stand,
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