Take my hands
And let dance to
the beats of our hearts.

Let our dance
Bring joy from heaven
To ease our minds.

Let our sweat
Bring out our pain
Through our pores.

Let our heart rhythm
With the instruments
To connect as one.

Let the music flow
Through our ears
And down to our souls
To teach us about love

Let the dance floor
Fall in Love with the instruments
Because of our dancing moves.

Hold my hands
And lets dance
Our bad memories away.

Let dance and dance
Until I forget About my
footsteps and get lost in your dance
Because of your beautiful smiles.

Let the world see love in our dance,
Let the world be healed from our dance,
Let the world dramatic our dance to the unborn generation.

Take my hands and let dance
To our last breath and
Continue the dance in paradise

Let the angels of heaven
Fall in Love
Because of our dance.

Let our dance erase hate from all
Humans that's still beating
Dance with me my darling
Dance with me and have no more worries.