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  • 1.
    It was a place,
    Where I spent a bit more than a decade
    Where we shared an album of memories
    Where the people are hard to forget
  • 2.
    Is it deceiving me,the mirror?
    Or is my mind playing games?
    Sometimes you start feeling what you see in yourself
    Not knowing if that's the truth or a lie
  • 3.
    O was it a curse
    That you spelt on my withered soul
    To make it so hard to move on ?
    How i want to forget you
  • 4.
    Can someone love
    Near a glistening falls,
    Just like a hard deodar
    Which allows its leaves to fall
  • 5.
    The clouds find a way to wander
    And the shadows follow like dancing souls;
    The broken amber yields to the wind
    And the sparks lighten the blue yonder.
  • 6.
    The dried foliage left the boughs,
    Just like the aqua crawled her jaws
    Down, they both went
    Deeper, than I lay.
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