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A burgeoning poet and author who has a dire urge to study English lit Honours but can't for personal issues; yep that's me. So it's here that I've found an opportunity to reach out to the people and make them read my creations which are mostly derived from real life practical experiences and harsh reality. People fail to realise the meaning of life as they only prefer to exist and somehow survive in the society; exceptions are there though. I happen to be one:) PS: i might ruin the careers of other authors if i take up honours in english; so here's my raw yet refined creation and don't hesitate to pass on some constructive criticism:) Love you lovers :)...
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  • Sonnet
    O was it a curse
    That you spelt on my withered soul
    To make it so hard to move on ?
    How i want to forget you ...
  • Winter Love
    Can someone love
    Near a glistening falls,
    Just like a hard deodar
    Which allows its leaves to fall ...
  • Facing The Future
    The clouds find a way to wander
    And the shadows follow like dancing souls;
    The broken amber yields to the wind
    And the sparks lighten the blue yonder. ...
  • Entwined Ethereally
    The dried foliage left the boughs,
    Just like the aqua crawled her jaws
    Down, they both went
    Deeper, than I lay. ...
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