In the struggles of life,
You will get to know your role in this life drama.
And for it to be a little joyous melodrama,
One needs to maneuvered the tasks trauma
With an astounding audacious grammar.

Sigh! life would not come and
Give anything great freely,
But by prevailing those hurdles,
One needs to go ahead, and take,
Either victory from defeat or happiness from sorrow,
Because story won’t ever run
In the direction you've dreamed.

Life drama,
For one to attain just a jolly asylum,
In the process, the soul might be put asunder,
We gotta prepared for the worse
Then keep the head higher.
Please, isn’t the destination decided first
And then the route later.
But folks keep taunting that I’ve lost the bearing.
Well, its beyond their reasoning
For little do they even know about,
The yearning mysteries of this heart.

Everyday is a new life,
Yesterday isn’t like the day before
And no tomorrow comes like today,
We gotta carry on the navigations to greatness,
Persistently awaiting our time to finally arrived,
Even when yours lumin- is also right in time,
With utmost efforts, at the mountaintop
Will you also continue meeting us.
In as much as we don’t retire
From bearing those sorrows,
Surely the future we’ve pictured
Shall become featured equally.