Melancholy mood haunts the poor soul
Silence turns to a dispirited howl,
Alone,exiled, different and disdained
Dark, glowering and glum spirit
A stagnant and dead water;
With no hope of flowing around.
Dark clouds linger on
Alas! a lost soul forsaken
What is friendship to a soul in distress?
Amidst millions i still feel anguish.
A teenager,by silence stricken and dour,
A life full of torment that never shows mercy.
I hope to see the light of day in glow
Waking up one day, and there it has faded away,
A mirage that never sees the light of day
It will not go away,my morose heart whispers,
None understands the demeanour of this poor soul
Nevertheless,they blame me for been in grief, condemned for been an introvert,
It is not my choice to feel this sorrow, I yearn for happiness !
I am nothing but a lost soul!