Then, When All Dream Sleeps Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I ve gat a lot of questions looking for answersA
I ve gat a bunch of kids as asking for guardsB
Both the orphans and the old granniesC
The assignment of some was realized latelyD
While some dine in luxury of discoveryD
Even as all merry in the pastE
The future is undoubtedly deathF
All kids worry to live the future they desireG
All grands worry to lament the past they retireH
Even as the water seem near in the wellI
And the zenit so low on the mountainJ
No gear drives age to reverseK
And no brake puts it to pauseL
Flowers withering away like the desire of the oldM
In horticultural farm of gloomy desert hoodN
Dust filled the dream of the futureG
And cloud rains the conscience of failureG
Or the regrets of pleasureG
Or despair of inexperienced leisureG
The avoided pain of the yesteryearsL
Becomes a wound hitching and killingO
Hard as happiness appearsL
On the father of sevenJ
Who discovered they were bastardsL
After decades of commitment and strugglesL

Abdulazeez Toheeb Babatunde

Poet's note: This poem seeks to reawaken sleeping dreams


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Gilbert Sordebabari : I'm particularly intrigued by the scintillating used of diction. The words of the poem are consciously and carefully chosen, thereby eliciting succinct imagery and in-depth meaning.

The techniques are very literal and metaphorical. Especially, the last two lines of verse three is so emotional and so paradoxical.

There are so many things to appreciate in this poem, I must commend.

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