Gaze To Paradise Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Respect is the consequence of your actionA
Appreciate what you have don't look for other's reactionA
Humbleness is your weapon it gives you satisfactionA
Mature or adult both have a place in this nationA
Admiration is your key to leave a good impressionA
Go look for these qualities they will guide you to successB
Addict yourself to charity and kid's JoyfulnessB
Zero is what should be your record of selfishnessB
Embrace your worst part it will lead you to positivenessB
Time is the only factor can interfere in your way to perfectnessB
Only God can guide your heart to chase this goalC
People may help you but you are the only one in controlC
Arrange your thing in the start that's will be your roleC
Reality maybe hurts you but always stand tallD
Admit that you need these things they are life's fuelE
Do what should be done at last there will be no regretF
Irritate your soul to rise up from the ash of your old mindsetF
Success is not easy but it is a winning betF
Experience your body don't look for shortcuts in internetF

Abdelghani Benhammouda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/26/2019


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