March Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Sun at noon to higher airA
Unharnessing the silver PairA
That late before his chariot swamB
Rides on the gold wool of the RamB
So braver notes the storm cock singsC
To start the rusted wheel of thingsC
And brutes in field and brutes in penD
Leap that the world goes round againD
The boys are up the woods with dayE
To fetch the daffodils awayE
And home at noonday from the hillsF
They bring no dearth of daffodilsF
Afield for palms the girls repairA
And sure enough the palms are thereA
And each will find by hedge or pondG
Her waving silver tufted wandG
In farm and field through all the shireH
The eye beholds the heart's desireI
Ah let not only mine be vainJ
For lovers should be loved againD

A. E. Housman


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