Who is William Edmondstoune Aytoun

William Edmondstoune Aytoun FRSE (21 June 1813 – 4 August 1865) was a Scottish poet, lawyer by training, and professor of rhetoric and belles lettres at the University of Edinburgh. He published poetry, translation, prose fiction, criticism and satire and was a lifelong contributor to the Edinburgh literary periodical Blackwoods Magazine. He was also a collector of Scottish ballads.

In the early 1850s, Professor Aytoun lent his name as a supporter of the fledgling National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights. His distinctive legacy as a teacher has led to him being called the 'first modern professor of English Literature'.

Early life and education
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William Edmondstoune Aytoun Poems

  • Broken Pitcher, The
    It was a Moorish maiden was sitting by a well,
    And what the maiden thought of I cannot, cannot tell.
    When by there rode a valiant knight from the town of Oviedo,
    Alphonso Guzman was he hight, the Count of Desparedo. ...
  • Lay Of The Lover's Friend, The
    |Air| "The days we went a-gipsying."

    I would all womankind were dead,
    Or banished o'er the sea; ...
  • Epitaph Of Constantine Kanaris
    I am Constantine Kanaris:
    I, who lie beneath this stone,
    Twice into the air in thunder
    Have the Turkish galleys blown. ...
  • The Sheik Of Sinai In 1830

    'Lift me without the tent, I say,-
    Me and my ottoman,- ...
  • The Buried Flower
    In the silence of my chamber,
    When the night is still and deep,
    And the drowsy heave of ocean
    Mutters in its charmed sleep, ...
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  • Plastic_bio: fhairshon had a son,who married noah's daughter,and nearly spoiled ta flood,by drinking up the water.which he would have done,i at least pelieve it,had the mixture beenonly half glenlivet. - william edmondstoune aytoun
  • Briansimspa: “nowhere beats the heart so kindly as beneath the tartan plaid.” —william edmondstoune aytoun
  • Littleshopbc: lays of the scottish cavaliers + william edmondstoune aytoun + donohue, henneberry & co. + 1890s + vintage literature book
  • Donaldh11469395: “ like a brave old scottish cavalier, all of the olden time! [ the old scottish cavalier ]” william edmondstoune aytoun [ 1813- 1865 ]
  • Donaldh11469395: “ have you heard of philip slingsby, slingsby of the manly chest; how he slew the snapping turtle in the regions of the west? [ the fight with the snapping turtle ]” william edmondstoune aytoun [ 1813- 1865 ]
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