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  • Tonight
    If you sleep tonight
    With no love one next to you,
    No hand to extend their warmth embrace
    And no lips to stick to yours like glue. ...
  • Our Democracy
    Government of the party,
    By the incumbent,
    And for the elites.
    Is this what we celebrate? ...
  • After The Rigors
    After the rigors
    We'll go through our Tik Tok videos and music
    Grinning from ear to ear
    Forgetting normal life ...
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Embrace 1 Weak 1 Vanity 1 Genuine 1 Fake 1 Celebrate 1

Tony Denis Quotes

  • I'd rather remain unknown than to be known for evil
  • It's alright to smile like you weren't crying last night
  • If writing is a boring job, not writing is a more boring one.
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Then take it kindly, as 'twas meant,
And let the giver live,
Who with it would the world have sent

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