Who is Thomas William Hodgson Crosland

Thomas William Hodgson Crosland (21 July 1865 – 23 December 1924) was a British author, poet and journalist.

Contents Biography He was born in Leeds in 1865, the son of William and Hannah Crossland. He was baptised in a nonconformist church in Leeds on 3 September...
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Thomas William Hodgson Crosland Poems

  • Antarctic
    What tale is this which stirs a world of knaves
    Out of its grubbing to throw greasy pence
    Forth to the hat, and choke with eloquence
    In boastful prose and verse of doubtful staves? ...
  • To The True-born Briton
    (After Peace Night)

    Dear Sir, or Madam,
    As the case may be, ...
  • Charing Cross
    At five o'clock they ring a tinkly bell;
    The April dawn glimmers along the beds,
    There is a lifting up of weary heads
    From weary pillows. Our old citadel ...
  • To The Tsar
    (After Dunkirk)

    My dear Tsar, -
    I am owing you ...
  • To The Lord Mayor
    (November 9th)

    My dear Lord Mayor, -
    In Fleet Street all is gay ...
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