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  • A Hamadryad Dies. Sonnet
    Low mourned the Oread round the Arcadian hills;
    The Naiad murmured and the Dryad moaned;
    The meadow-maiden left her daffodils
    To join the Hamadryades who groaned ...
  • Song. A Gurly Breeze In Scotland
    A gurly breeze swept from the pool
    The Autumn peace so blue and cool,
    Which all day long had dreamed thereon
    Of men and things aforetime gone, ...
  • Et In Arcadia Ego ... Sonnet
    "What traveller soever wander here
    In quest of peace and what is best of pleasure,
    Let not his hope be overcast and drear
    Because I, Death, am here to fix the measure ...
  • The Love That Speaks In Word And Kiss,
    The Love that speaks in word and kiss,
    That dyes the cheek and fires the eye,
    Through surface signs of shallow bliss
    That, quickly born, may quickly die; ...
  • And There Shall Be No Night There And They
    "And there shall be no night there and they
    need no candle, and neither light of the sun;
    for the Lord God giveth them Light."
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  • Peterdamianent1: northumbria. a dirge. - thomas runciman dirge the sorrows by time made dim: seas are sullen in rain and mist. regret the woes that behind us swim: sullen’s the north and grey the east. black boats speck the horizon’s rim: the north is heavy...
  • Mckinleyan: ‘as thomas, skinner and runciman experience middle-age, a cunning religious acerbity is as essential an…antidote to the imperviousness, solemnity and ultimate triviality of the secular, professional academic intelligence.’
  • Bibirippon: runciman’s is simply “hobbes’s story is still our story”. and it’s a story that always has two sides.
  • Emilioordiz: qué interesantes me han parecido siempre estos enfoques. "david runciman’s history reveals what the great philosopher can teach us about emancipation, coercion and the doubleness of political life". how thomas hobbes’s leviathan shaped modern politics
  • Nukesafter2018: the west advised czech acceptance of sudeten autonomy. the czech government refused. lord runciman persuaded the czech government to grant autonomy. germany escalated the dispute ordering 750k troops to border. thomas graham suggests referendums.
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